What Your Favorite Art Medium Says About You

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We all know the saying – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Art, too, is subjectively rooted, oftentimes lending itself to strong attitudes favoring one artistic era over another. To put it simply, art attracts, engages and moves individuals in different ways.

At Park West Gallery, we embrace and encourage a diverse scope of work from our family of artists, and are further enlivened by the myriad of stories, experiences, and viewpoints collectors around the globe share with us.

If there is one thing Park West Gallery advocates, it’s this: collect what you love.

Read on to discover what your favorite mediums and techniques might say about you.


"Take Me Home" (2016,) Maya Green

“Take Me Home” (2016), Maya Green

Oil Paint:

Classic as visual culture yourself, you’re steadfast, relentless, dignified, and elegant to the eye. Don’t let this guise of tradition fool, however; capable of capturing even the most nuanced details, nothing escapes you; shadowed amidst light and dark, you perpetually walk the line between euphoria and melancholy.

Artists you’ll love: Maya Green, Csaba Markus, Michael Milkin



"Waiting for Suzanne" Itzchak Tarkay Park West Gallery

“Waiting for Suzanne” (2006), Itzchak Tarkay


Sought after and imitated across cultures, you’re often the subject of flattery and imitation, and not without reason. Fluid as ancient rivers themselves, you’re seductive, difficult to delineate, and rarely walk the same path twice. You falter in your resoluteness, however, often spreading yourself too thin and caving to your whims.

Artists you’ll love: Itzchak Tarkay, Anatole Krasnyansky, Duaiv


"Quiet Lake Ver. I" (2016,) Peter Max

“Quiet Lake Ver. I” (2016), Peter Max









Acrylic Paint:

Loud and rambunctious, attention-seeking is your game, and you’re the master of it. You’re always one step ahead of the curve, but the step is never your own, as you often run with a cosmopolitan crowd. Celebrity aside, you possess a striking sense of wit and intellectual curiosity. Absurd, yet endearing, you can win over any room.

Artists you’ll love: Peter Max, Simon Bull, Marko Mavrovich



"Sur la Table," Marcel Mouly

“Sur la Table,” Marcel Mouly


A true innovator, you’re intelligent and live to solve problems. You like routine, but aren’t too overwhelmed when things don’t turn out as planned. Rather, you find the beauty in messy situations. You’re often conflicted internally, but you have a difficult time revealing your softer side, making you often seem calculated and harsh.

Artists you’ll love: Marcel Mouly, Joan Miró, Marc Chagall


"Interior with Chagall" (2008), Fanch Ledan

“Interior with Chagall” (2008), Fanch Ledan










Young and fresh, you undeniably possess qualities of approachability and likability. Your looks are striking, you’re patient, precise, and sharp as a tack. This sharpness can reveal your more cunning side, however, and those close to you realize how difficult you truly are.

Artists you’ll love: Fanch Ledan, Yaacov Agam, Erte


"Christ and the Woman of Samaria Among Ruins" (1634), Rembrandt Van Rijn

“Christ and the Woman of Samaria Among Ruins” (1634), Rembrandt Van Rijn






You’re a masterpiece that hasn’t been discovered yet. Your muted exterior, shy demeanor and knack for obsessive detail often leave you overlooked and misunderstood. While you may seem black and white, your imagination and creativity are second to none. You’re able to think theoretically and your deeply-rooted sympathy marks a kind heart.

Artists you’ll love: Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt van Rijn, Francisco Goya


"Close To My Heart" (2006), Pino

“Close To My Heart” (2006), Pino






There is something real, refreshing and fundamentally cool about you. You like to take traditions of old and turn them into something modern. You have a keen eye for detail and get things done quickly and efficiently, but often become distracted by tiny flaws and are often too quick to judge others different than you.

Artists you’ll love: Pino, Scott Jacobs, Michael Godard


"Escapes to Guy's World" (2015), Guy Harvey

“Escape to Guy’s World” (2015), Guy Harvey










Dye Sublimation:

Well-informed on what’s au courant, you have your eye on the next big thing and are always ready for a good challenge. You’re able to draw forth color in seemingly bleak situations, maintaining a positive attitude. You have a tendency to always be in a rush, and have a hard time staying on track.

Artists you’ll love: Guy Harvey, Michael Cheval, Craig Tracy

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