Park West Gallery: Celebrating 50 Years of Fine Art

Over 50 years ago, Park West Gallery was founded on the idea that fine art should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

Now, 5 decades later, Park West is now the largest art dealer in the world.

We’ve been able to reach millions of people around the globe through our entertaining auctions, exhibitions, and seminars. There’s nothing we love more than turning a curious onlooker into an engaged art collector.

That’s why, for our 50th anniversary, we wanted to do something special for the people who keep our passion for art growing every day—our clients.

Starting in 2019, everyone who pre-registers for the arts programming on an upcoming cruise will get a complimentary $50 buying credit and a FREE gift when they arrive.

It’s just our way of saying “Thank you” for 50 exciting years.

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