Please allow up to 6 weeks for the delivery of all art purchases, unless otherwise noted.

Portraits, sculptures, individually commissioned artwork, back-ordered artwork, special orders, orders on hold, and all artwork shipping to mainland China may take longer than 6 weeks.

Artwork sold at regional, national, land, and ship VIP events may take longer than 6 weeks.

Park West Gallery is not responsible for any shipping delays caused by severe weather or service interruptions.

Yes, you will receive multiple email updates to the email address provided upon purchase.

Framed works of art are shipped individually as soon as they are packaged to ensure quick delivery and prevent damage.

Unframed artwork is typically shipped together in a shipping tube. Each shipping tube can contain up to 6 works of art.

Please contact Client Services for any delivery status questions by emailing or calling 1-800-521-9654

Unframed artworks—which are delivered and shipped in an artwork tube—do not require a signature upon delivery.

However, all framed artworks are shipped requiring signature.

You will be sent an email notifying you when your artwork ships along with delivery details and information on whether a signature is required.

If a signature is required, anyone 18 years or older can sign.

Park West cannot guarantee an exact delivery date. However, if requested at the point of sale, we are able to delay the shipment of your artwork up to 18 months, unless otherwise noted.

If you recently made an art purchase and would like to request delayed shipping, please call or email Client Services by emailing or calling 1-800-521-9654

All guests are responsible for paying taxes and duties, unless otherwise noted.

We utilize both FedEx and TransGroup, depending on service availability by area. Art deliveries to mainland China are serviced via local couriers.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. You have 10 days from the date of delivery to report a damaged artwork and/or frame. To get started, please contact Client Services by emailing with photos of the damage upon receiving your artwork to schedule a complimentary FedEx pickup for your damaged work. We will work quickly to resolve the issue.

We apologize! Please call or email Client Services by emailing or calling 1-800-521-9654 upon receiving your artwork to schedule a complimentary FedEx pickup for the specific artwork. We will work quickly to ensure that the correct artwork is shipped back to you.

Yes, with Park West’s 50/50/50 Satisfaction Guarantee, you can return any artwork up to 50 days from delivery, unless otherwise noted.

Clients are responsible for all shipping costs for returns. There is no charge if artwork has not been shipped.

Any refund will cover the purchase price—less the original shipping costs. 85% of the refund will be issued back in the original form of payment. 15% will be issued as a buying credit, with no cap or limit, which is valid for 2 years.

Individually commissioned artwork, take-off artwork, and works of art sold at VIP events are not eligible for the 50/50/50 Satisfaction Guarantee. All sales are final at these events.

Any artwork purchased using our previous 40/40/40 Satisfaction Guarantee is no longer eligible for return, due to the expiration of the guarantee’s 40-day return window.

Please contact Client Services to request a return by emailing or calling 1-800-521-9654

With Park West’s 50/50/50 Satisfaction Guarantee, you can exchange any work purchased for another work in Park West’s collection—of equal or greater price—for up to 50 months after the date of the invoice, unless otherwise noted.

Clients will be credited with the original amount paid for the work(s) being exchanged, less the original shipping costs.

The client is responsible for shipping the artwork(s) back to Park West Gallery.

Individually commissioned artwork is not eligible for the 50/50/50 Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you purchased artwork prior to January 1, 2019, our previous 40/40/40 Satisfaction Guarantee may still apply—only for exchanges up to 40 months after the date of the original invoice.

To request an exchange, please call or email Park West’s Gallery Sales Staff by emailing or calling 1-248-354-2343

Artwork purchased using your shipboard account, personal credit card, or personal debit card will take between 60-90 days to process.

Artwork purchased using the Park West Collector’s Card will be removed from your billing statements in two billing cycles.


Yes, all eligible buying credits can be applied to any purchase made on regular shipboard programs, regional, national, land, or sea VIP events, or by calling Park West’s Gallery Sales Staff directly at 1-248-354-2343. Buying credits have an expiration date of 2 years.

Purchases made using your onboard Folio account, personal credit card, or personal debit card are charged at the time of purchase.

Your first PWCC payment will be due approximately 27 days after the receipt of your first statement. Each artwork is charged to your account when it ships.

Purchases made using one of Park West Gallery’s in-house financing options are charged within 30 days.


Though Park West Gallery primarily sells artwork on international cruise ships, anyone can make an art purchase by contacting Park West Gallery’s Sales Staff at or 1-248-354-2343

Since Park West hosts hundreds of art auctions each week, we cannot guarantee stock of a specific artwork. However, we invite anyone sailing on a future cruise to pre- register online for the art program and submit a list of your favorite artists. Once on board, the art team will do their best to accommodate your interests.

We’re happy to hear you had a great experience with us! You can share your experience on any online review website, like Google, Yelp, or TripAdvisor.


Registration closes 24 hours before each cruise departs.

Once you board your ship and get settled in, head down to the onboard Art Gallery and let the Art Team know you pre-registered and would like to redeem your gift. If you can’t make it to the Art Gallery on the first night of the cruise, you can connect with the Art Team at an auction, seminar, or exhibition later in the cruise. Don’t be shy!

Nope! If you pre-registered online, we’re already expecting you.

If the ship you’re sailing on isn’t listed on the registration page, that means that Park West does not currently offer arts programming on that vessel.

You can find Park West aboard most Carnival, Celebrity, MSC, Norwegian, Princess, and Royal Caribbean cruises.

Sometimes a voyage date can fall through the cracks, but don’t worry!

If you can’t find your voyage date, please email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

VIP events are excluded from our Online Pre-Registration program.

Please email for assistance.

Yes, the $50 buying credit can only be applied to Collector’s Portfolio (CP) artworks and must be redeemed before the end of your voyage.

Collector’s Portfolio artworks are works that include the cost of framing and shipping in the price. But don’t worry—most artworks we offer on board are classified as Collector’s Portfolio artworks.

An onboard Art Team member will be happy to guide you through this distinction.

Yes! We are constantly seeking out new incentives to pre-register. Please advise that the promotion that was active when you pre-registered is the only promotion that you are eligible to receive. (i.e. if you pre-registered to receive a $50 buying credit, you will receive a $50 buying credit).

Yes! You will receive a confirmation email, as well as multiple other email reminders before the start of your cruise.

We’re ready to help! Email and we’ll forward your inquiry to the best possible contact.


Absolutely! All artworks purchased by Park West are original.

Original art is defined as any artwork created directly under the control and supervision of the artist. This can include unique one-of-a-kind artwork or limited- edition graphic works.

Yes, every work of art is backed with a Certificate of Authenticity, which is shipped in the package with the artwork. The Certificate of Authenticity provides edition information, relevant history, and provenance information.

If you are missing a Certificate of Authenticity, please contact Client Services by emailing or calling 1-800-521-9654

Yes, you can purchase an appraisal for any artwork—$35 USD for the first artwork; $15 USD for each additional artwork.

Park West Gallery appraisals represent our opinion on the replacement value of the artwork. We rely on factors such as artwork condition, gallery prices of reputable art galleries and independent appraisers, and historical price and data lists. We do not use third-party auction prices or internet prices.

To request a new appraisal or update a previous appraisal, please email Park West Gallery’s Appraisal Department at

Purchased appraisals, in most cases, are shipped in the same package with the artwork. Otherwise, please allow up to 6 weeks from the date the art is delivered.

No, we do not currently appraise artwork that is acquired outside of our gallery.


As the world’s largest art dealer, Park West is able to offer world-class framing at highly competitive prices. We offer a wide variety of custom framing options to perfectly display your artwork and complement any decor.

We currently do not frame artwork acquired outside of our gallery.

We currently are not able to offer this service.

Park West Gallery uses 100% acid-free matting, backing, hinging, and insulation to ensure the longevity of all framed artwork. Framing with acid-free materials helps to prevent mat discoloration, adhesive stains, foxing, and brittleness.

In addition, each framed work on paper is protected by shatter-resistant UV filtering plexiglass to prevent pigment loss and discoloration from oil, dust, dirt, and touch.

Park West Gallery uses shatter-resistant UV filtering plexiglass to protect all framed works on paper. Anti-glare glass, if shattered, can tear fragile works on paper. Anti- glare glass is also known to distort the image underneath. Therefore, Park West Gallery opts to frame works on paper using plexiglass, for both its protective ability and aesthetic quality.

Canvas is a natural, durable material. Like many organic materials, canvas needs to breathe to ensure its longevity. Therefore, Park West Gallery does not enclose canvas works in plexiglass.

Yes, all framed artworks are finished with hardware to securely mount and display each artwork. These finishes may vary depending on the weight of the artwork or the frame style. While most frames are fastened with a hanging display wire, heavier works may utilize metal anchors on the sides of the frame in place of a display wire.


Displaying artwork is purely subjective. Some collectors choose to highlight only one artwork per space, while others prefer to display many artworks based on color, artist, size, or theme.

However, positioning artwork at eye level is common, which measures at around 58 inches from the floor.

Avoid hanging artwork in areas with direct sunlight, humid environments, and fluctuating temperatures.

Avoid displaying or storing artwork in any damp or dark areas. Exposure to high levels of humidity may cause foxing, cracking, or organic growth (mold) on your artwork.

Avoid displaying or storing artwork in areas where the temperature rapidly fluctuates, for instance, an attic in the summer or an unfinished basement in the winter. Avoid displaying paper or canvas artwork in a bathroom. Ideally, artwork should be kept in an area where the temperature fluctuates no more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit daily.

The humidity range should also be kept within the 20% relative humidity range within a 24 hour period.

Displaying or storing artwork in areas where temperature and humidity levels rapidly fluctuate can cause stress on the medium of artwork, potentially resulting in the cracking of pigment.

Aesthetic lighting choices are subject to the discretion and taste of each collector. Some clients prefer more elaborate and personalized lighting displays, while others prefer soft and subtle highlights.

For instance, LED lights give off less heat and infrared light and have a longer lifespan. Incandescent lights cast a warm, comforting glow. Halogen lights cast a cooler tone but generate higher levels of heat.

First, determine which lighting conditions will best preserve the condition of your artwork, especially for fragile artworks on paper and canvas. Aesthetic preferences should be a secondary concern.

Limiting and controlling light exposure is integral to the longevity of your artwork. Light and heat damage often results in permanent color distortion and brittleness. Please be mindful that light and heat damage is irreversible, therefore the duration and intensity of light exposure should be carefully monitored.

To limit and control heat and light damage:

  1. Avoid using fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent light emits a high level of ultraviolet energy, which accelerates color fading and distorts the color of the artwork.
  2. Position lights so that they do not directly face your artwork. This will protect your artwork against heat damage.
  3. Avoid displaying artwork in direct sunlight at all costs.

TEST IT YOURSELF: To test the heat of your lights, put your hand between the artwork and the light source. If you can feel the heat from the light, it could potentially damage your artwork.

Plexiglass is often preferred when exhibiting artworks on paper for its flexibility, light- weight composition, and its ability to refract and filter damaging UV light.

When cleaning dust and dirt from plexiglass, please avoid using cleaning supplies that contain ammonia, abrasives, or solvents. Use a gentle cleaning cloth made of non- abrasive or scratchy materials. Lightly wet the cloth and gently polish the plexiglass. Continue to polish and turn the cloth to avoid washing the plexiglass with a dirtied area.

Canvas artworks require careful attention. If the artwork requires an extensive cleaning treatment, we recommend that you use a professional art conservationist to clean and restore the painting.

If the artwork just requires a light dusting, tap the painting lightly to remove any loose dirt or dust. Afterwards, use a non-shedding light cloth and gently dust the surface of the painting.

Even though artwork on metal is often protected with a high-gloss urethane coating, long-term damage can still occur if not taken care of properly. To keep your artwork on metal shining, use a dry, microfiber cloth to lightly rub off dust. Be sure to use a clean cloth, as dirty fabric could potentially cause damage.

To remove fingerprints, first remove any dust from the work to reduce the chance of scratching the artwork with loose grains. From there, use a diluted automobile cleaner to gently wipe off the fingerprints.

DO NOT use metal cleaner or polish to clean the art, as this may remove the protective clear coat and sheen of the artwork.

Bronze is created from copper alloys, therefore bronze sculptures are incredibly durable. Bronze sculptures are typically coated with a layer of wax upon completion. This acts as a barrier to any humidity in the air, and prevents oxidation and metal discoloration.

While this initial wax coating will ensure the longevity of your bronze sculpture against harmful oxidizing agents, each bronze sculpture should be dusted regularly. To best clean and dust bronze, mix together unscented soap and water in a bowl. Then lightly buff the sculpture using a clean cloth and the soapy mixture. Soaps with fragrance or unnatural additives may have unknown consequences on the sculpture, so avoid these.

Acrylic sculptures should be cleaned and cared for like artworks behind plexiglass.
When cleaning dust and dirt from acrylic sculptures, avoid using cleaning supplies that contain ammonia, abrasives, or solvents. Use a gentle cleaning cloth made of non-abrasive or scratchy materials. Lightly wet the cloth and gently polish the acrylic. Continue to polish and turn the cloth to avoid washing the acrylic with a dirtied area.

DO NOT polish or wet any painted areas of the acrylic sculpture as this can potentially cause damage.

DO NOT display sculptures outside.

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