Art lovers looking to enhance their collections can now easily acquire beautiful, high-quality books featuring some of Park West Gallery’s most renowned artists.

Each book provides a fascinating glimpse into the history and lives of the artists, complete with essays and firsthand accounts accompanied by page after page of artwork. As an added bonus, some books are hand-signed by the artists. Check the item descriptions in the links below for more information.

New books are constantly under development, so be sure to check back for our latest additions!

The Universe of Peter Max
by Peter Max (2013)

by Park West Gallery (2013)

Agam: Beyond the Visible
by Sayako Aragaki (2007)

Agam: The Elysee Salon
by Yaacov Agam (Artist), Marc Scheps, Frédéric Sroussi, and Alain Seban (2007)

Brush Strokes of Africa
by Andrew Bone (2015)

Journey: The Art of Simon Bull
by Simon Bull (2016)

Maya Green

Slava Ilyayev
by Slava Ilyayev (Artist), Alexandra Levin, Daniel Lewin, and Yifat Pour (2016)

Thomas Kinkade
by Thomas Kinkade and Albert Scaglione (2016)

Linda Le Kinff: The Graphic Work
by Park West Gallery, Albert Scaglione, Anthony F. Janson Ph.D, Joseph Jacobs, and Linda Le Kinff (Artist) (2008)

Csaba Markus: Artists and Muses
by Csaba Markus (2007)

The Serigraphs of Igor Medvedev Volumes I and II
by Park West Gallery, Anthony F. Janson, and Igor Medvedev (Illustrator) (2007)

Michael Milkin
by Michael Milkin (Artist), Alexandra Levin, Daniel Lewin, and Yifat Pour (2015)

Tomasz Rut
by Tomasz Rut (2006)