Ready to take a deep dive into the lives of Park West Gallery artists? In the “Behind the Artist” podcast, Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro hosts candid conversations with some of the most popular artists working today. They talk about art, how they got started, and share some laughs too. Check back for new episodes every other Tuesday—you won’t want to miss out!

Episode 3 – Artist Roundtable: Duaiv, Guyton, Jacobs, and Yanke

What’s better than hearing one artist talk about their craft? What about FOUR artists? Morris Shapiro recently hosted an entertaining roundtable discussion with four acclaimed artists—Duaiv, Patrick Guyton, Scott Jacobs, and Tim Yanke. Together, the group discusses what it means to be a working artist, how they distinguish between form and content, and answer the age-old question, “How can you tell when a work is finished?” Enjoy this candid discussion about what it means to be a contemporary artist.

Episode 2 – Patrick Guyton

Patrick Guyton is a professionally trained artist, but his unique blend of gold leafing techniques and figure painting hails from his experience outside the classroom. In this episode, Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro sits down with Guyton to discuss his time working for animation legend Chuck Jones as well as his brief stint as a furniture truck driver, proving the road to becoming a professional artist is often a strange one.

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Episode 1 – Michael Godard

Before he was the “Rock Star of the Art World,” internationally collected artist Michael Godard spent time drawing caricatures in a theme park. In this episode of “Behind The Artist,” Godard sits down with Morris Shapiro to discuss this difficult upbringing, what it was like to sell his first paintings, and how he became one of Las Vegas’ most famous artists.

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