Autumn de Forest Opens Exhibition at LeRoy Neiman Art Center

Art prodigy Autumn de Forest is heading to Harlem to show residents the joys and accomplishments that can develop from art. The LeRoy Neiman Art Center presents “Autumn de Forest: Selected Works” [...]


10 Reasons Art Lovers Collect Art

When it comes to collecting, there are a wide range of factors that motivate the collector. Many collectors seek to accumulate possessions no one else has while other collectors collect to [...]


Cruise Ships Flock to Florida

Miami experienced a record-breaking docking of the world’s largest cruise ships this month, and is expecting to receive yet another cruise ship giant this week. Carnival Cruise Line is delivering [...]


Pino: 6 Facts About the Legendary Artist

Known around the world, Pino has inspired countless collectors and artists alike with his exceptional style and unmatched emotional gravity. Get to know the celebrated artist with these 6 facts [...]


Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks in Paintings

Thanksgiving is a time families come together to eat, enjoy each other’s company and share the things they are thankful for. At Park West Gallery, we want to celebrate the blessings in life [...]


Norwegian Cruise Line Building Bliss for Alaska Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Line is building its 16th vessel to become the ultimate in Alaska cruising experiences. Norwegian’s third Breakaway Plus-class cruise ship, Norwegian Bliss, is now under [...]


Behind the Wildlife Paintings of Pat McManus

Wildlife artist Pat McManus captures a moment in time through his incredible landscape paintings. Although both an avid photographer and hiker, McManus’ life-like paintings are not simply [...]


How to Appreciate Art

Unlocking the meaning behind a work of art is one of the many joys of viewing and collecting. But how do you actually interpret it? Often, there is a veneer of elitism surrounding the art world, [...]


Meet Guy Harvey at SeaWorld this Weekend

Marine life artist and scientist Guy Harvey is making a splash at SeaWorld Orlando this weekend to educate guests about the world of sharks. On November 19 and 20, Harvey is joining SeaWorld [...]


Video: World’s Largest Cruise Ships Meet at Sea

Video courtesy of Royal Caribbean International. Cruise guests with Royal Caribbean International witnessed a spectacular event when the cruise line’s Oasis-class ships all sailed together for [...]

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