10 Reasons Art Lovers Collect Art

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When it comes to collecting, there are a wide range of factors that motivate the collector. Many collectors seek to accumulate possessions no one else has while other collectors collect to further embrace a hobby they already love. For art collectors, both of these reasons are true, but there are several specific reasons are lovers choose to collect art:

why collect art

Lebo art (Photo courtesy of Park West collector Donna)

1. To support the arts

Dedicated art collectors understand the value art has on society. To support their deep passion for the arts, art collectors take it upon themselves to strengthen the art industry.

Patrick Guyton art (Photo courtesy of Park West collector Eileen)

2. To join a community

The community of art collectors has a strong bond. Getting together with fellow collectors means discussing artists, artistic styles and the latest installments into carefully-selected art collections. At Park West Gallery, collectors find community with fellow art enthusiasts as well as our highly-trained artistic staff.

"A Yellow Sunrise in Prague" (2008) Anatole Krasnyansky

A Yellow Sunrise in Prague” (2008) Anatole Krasnyansky

3. To preserve history

Owning a work of art often means owning a piece of history. Many collectors draw on their heritage to collect art from artists with similar backgrounds or life stories. Some collectors seek limited editions from high-profile artists to claim their stake on art history.

4. To experience the thrill of the search

Art collectors understand the unmatched feeling of discovering a new work of art for their collection. After carefully researching, nothing compares to finally encountering new artwork for their collection.

5. To adorn their homes

This may seem obvious, but decorating living spaces is a major reason people begin to collect art. Coming home to see a favorite painting every day is a completely different experience than walking past it in a gallery. Collectors want to live with their art and let it seep into the soul of their homes.

6. To reveal their personality

Obtaining artwork is a powerful way to express one’s personality. While some collectors stick with a certain style or specific artist, others collect a diverse range of artwork from various artists to convey different sides of their personality.

"Finding the Light" (2013) Alfred Gockel

Finding the Light” (2013) Alfred Gockel

7. To tell a story

Knowing the background behind each work of art in a collector’s collection is half the fun. When guests come over, art collectors take pride in walking them through the story behind each of their paintings. Whether it’s talking about the symbolism in the artwork, the artist’s background or how they found the art itself, collectors love sharing their passion with others.


Artwork by Michael Cheval

8. To express emotion

Art collectors often feel a deep connection to the artwork in their collection. Whether an important memory or a family likeness, collectors often express deep emotions through their collections.

Artwork by Slava Ilyayev

9. To connect with an artist

Many art collectors feel a kinship with a certain artist because of their background, style of work or life story. To connect with that artist, collectors avidly follow their journey and acquire works of art from the artist’s collection.

10. To pass on a legacy

While many grandparents pass on jewelry or even cars to children and grandchildren, art collectors are proud to pass their collection onto the next generation. Collectors’ families known the time and energy they put into cultivating their collections, making them the perfect recipient of their hard work.


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