5 Signs You’re an Art Buff

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There are different levels of any obsession. While some people consider their interests hobbies, others dive head first into the activities that excite them.

For many Park West Gallery collectors, amassing art is much more than a hobby, it’s a way of life. When it comes to collecting art, there are several signs all true art buffs will recognize:

1. Your home looks like a museum.

The true sign of an avid art aficionado: an extensive collection. While some might call this excessive, to you, it’s like wallpapering your home with beautiful artwork. Whenever you step through the door, it’s a wonderful comfort to have your home-museum waiting for you.

linda le kinff park west gallery

Magnolia Reve” (2008), Linda Le Kinff

2. Some people look forward to football games, you look forward to art auctions!

There’s no such thing as too much beautiful art, and you’re living proof. Gathering with fellow art buffs is always a party full of stimulating conversation and artistic discussions. There’s an excitement to expanding your collection among fellow art enthusiasts, and that’s a feeling you love.


"Beale Street" (2016), Eric Dowdle

Beale Street” (2016), Eric Dowdle


3. You recognize the paintings hanging on your friends’ walls.

To be an art buff you have to know your stuff, and you’ve got that down. Name a painter —boom — you have an example. Recognizing a work of art gives you a thrill that lasts for the rest of the day.

Peter Max

Umbrella Man on Blend Ver. XV” (2015), Peter Max

4. The most effective therapy is looking at your artwork.

Surrounded by your artwork, your home is truly your haven. There’s nothing that comforts you more than taking in the beauty of the art around you. Whatever you’re going through, your artwork never fails to create a calming setting.

david najar park west gallery

All the Pretty Colors” (2016), David Najar

5. When someone shows you a photo of their child, you respond with a picture of your paintings.

Your collection is special to you, so of course you’re going to show it off! You’ve spent time and energy picking out the perfect artworks for your home, and sharing that love with other people always gives you joy.

"Among the Trees" (2015) Dominic Pangborn

Among the Trees” (2015) Dominic Pangborn

If you’re interested in becoming an art buff, or if you’re an art buff looking to expand your collection, visit parkwestgallery.com or stop by Park West Gallery in Southfield, Michigan.

You can also climb aboard a cruise to sail alongside Park West.


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