Park West Gallery reveals new dye sublimation art

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dye sublimation Park West Gallery

“Enigma” (2015), Michael Cheval. Created by dye sublimation

Park West Gallery reviews the latest art-making processes in its mission of re-imagining the world of fine art, and is proud to offer one of the latest and most innovative mediums to its collectors.

Park West Gallery is excited to present art created by dye sublimation, with two of its artists already releasing editions of their artwork using this new digital process.

In chemistry, sublimation involves a substance changing from a solid to a gas without ever becoming a liquid. In hard surface sublimation, an image is printed onto transfer paper using dye-based inks, and then transferred onto a specially coated surface with heat and pressure.

Dye sublimation is the digital printing process that transfers imagery onto materials such as metal, glass and plastic. The original image is made into a digital matrix, and from there the artist has total control over how the colors will appear on the final work of art. The image is essentially cooked onto the material, which in the case of Park West Gallery are lightweight aluminum plates.

dye sublimation

“Hawksbill Caravan” (2015), Guy Harvey. Created using dye sublimation

Park West Gallery Founder and CEO Albert Scaglione, during an interview on Sunday Edition, had this to say about the new process:

“It’s the idea of taking digital representations of your imagery, transferring it to another surface, and then you having the ability to change that imagery…the brush no longer becomes a piece of wood with hairs on it, it really becomes a digital map,” he says.

Along with creating a sharp and vivid image, the durability of the panels is much greater than canvas or paper. When a white panel imaged with six colored inks was tested in simulated interior daylight conditions, the panel was shown to last two to four times longer than long-lasting archival photo papers.

The panels are also scratch proof and resistant to chemicals, moisture and heat. For instance, a coin can be rubbed on the surface without leaving visible damage.


Park West artists love dye sublimation

With dye sublimation, artists are given a new tool to express themselves and present their art, all the while giving collectors exciting options aside from the traditional mediums. Guy Harvey, a marine wildlife artist and conservationist, has found great success with his dye sublimation artwork. He says the reflective surface of a dye sublimation artwork adds to the aesthetics of his ocean-inspired works.

“The end result is fantastic,” he says. “I think it’s one of the nicest art forms.”

dye sublimation

“Killer Whales Jumping” (2015), Guy Harvey

Harvey says compared to his other imagery, those created with dye sublimation have a “glow” and “brightness” to them that isn’t typically achieved through other methods.

“It’s vibrant, and I really like the way that Park West Gallery frames them,” he says.

Michael Cheval is another Park West Gallery artist using dye sublimation on aluminum. Cheval says when he was first introduced to it he was skeptical, but once he actually saw an example of one of his artworks printed with the process, he was impressed.

“It’s the color, the vividness, the sharpness, it was unbelievable,” he says. “Aluminum makes it like an HDTV.”

dye sublimation Michael Cheval

“Discord of Analogy” (2015), Michael Cheval

Most of Cheval’s editioned works are made available in aluminum as opposed to canvas or paper. His “Absurdism” artwork offers a view into another world that turns reality on its head, so for Cheval, making that world even more brilliant and presentable with dye sublimation is a bonus.

“It’s a window to another reality, to another world, and it’s so attractive,” he says of the aluminum works.

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  • Florence Brand

    We loved the Park West auction! We purchased two Cheval’s and two Peter Max. Along with more! We were on the Allure of the Seas. Can’t wait for next one!

  • Kristen

    We are interested in the Chevalier limited edition collection as well as Lebo from the Southfield Michigan location.
    Thank you!

  • Howard Hynes

    I attended a Park West auction on board the Norwegian Getaway in December. Bought a Cheval! An incredible artist and a great experience. Thank you Park West!

  • Henry Bury

    We purchased a Michael Cheval on our last cruise. What would his “Enigma” cost us?

  • John

    what is the price of Enigma

  • Carol Higgs

    Price of enigma please and postage to Australia

  • Sandy Sanders

    I bought a series of Michael Cheval’s works on a recent cruise, including the “Enigma of Generations”. Where can I find out his thoughts/description of this work?

  • Steven Cowan

    Hi Park West,
    I am interested in Michael Cheval ” Imagine” on àluminium, dye sublimation. Could you please send me best quote to South Australia 5652.

  • Anthony DeAngelis

    I am interested in the Cheval
    Enigma of Geverations and would like a price Framed?
    I would like to know why other sites have a price of $149 to
    $250 framed ?? What is the difference between yours and the price ?
    Thank You

  • Christopher Burnett

    I really enjoyed the Park West art auctions my wife and I attended on our recent cruise! We are actually starting our collection with 3 full size Cheval pieces, including Imagine II, Discord of Analogy, and Nothing But a Pack of Cards, as well as a miniature Melody of Rain. All on aluminum by dye sublimation, and absolutely stunning! I can’t wait for them to be delivered! Michael Cheval is an amazing artist!

  • Team CCL Fascination

    Hey Chris,

    We are thrilled you enjoyed our events and auctions. The Cheval’s will be a true highlight to your collection. Glad we could help and wish you all the best


    Anthony and Team Fascination

  • Anthony Fontenot

    I was recently aboard the beautiful Norwegian Breakaway. I purchased a number of items, and love them all. But the dye sublimations are so brilliant in color they add a unique quality to my collection. I love having friends over so we can talk about the technique. I have a Lebo and a Dowdle that are dye sublimations, I love them.

  • David J. Lull

    I just received Charles Lee’s “Music Lovers.” Do you have special dusting or cleaning dos & don’ts? Or is the front covered with glass? Thanks.

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