Michael Godard Reveals ‘The Secret Life of Olives’ at Nashville’s Monthaven Arts

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"Join the Fun," Michael Godard

“Join the Fun,” Michael Godard

Art collectors from all walks of life know the name “Michael Godard.”

Godard’s intricate and irreverent paintings have won him fans around the globe as well as the nickname the “rock star of the art world.” Now, Godard will be the focus of a major new museum exhibition at Nashville’s Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center in 2020.

“Michael Godard: The Secret Life of Olives” will be appearing at the Monthaven Arts Center from January 5 to February 2, 2020.

You can find more information about visiting the free-to-the-public museum here.

Promotional poster for "Michael Godard: The Secret Life of Olives"

Promotional poster for “Michael Godard: The Secret Life of Olives”

The title of the exhibition will make any Godard fan smile. The artist is famous for his imaginative paintings of animated olives, strawberries, and grapes. His olives, in particular, have become literal icons, appearing on thousands of products worldwide.

Cheryl Strichik, the Executive Director of the Monthaven Arts Center, says that Godard’s olive paintings “appeal to our hearts. But there are also subtle themes in his paintings that suggest love, loss, pain, and conflict. These images can linger in the mind long after we’ve seen his work. These are qualities that make his art great, that make us remember what it feels like for our imagination to run wild.”

The Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center

The Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center

“The Secret Life of Olives” features over 35 original paintings by Godard capturing some of his most acclaimed imagery. The collection shows his trademark olives enjoying martinis, recreating pop-culture milestones, and falling in love.

"Monarch Moments," Michael Godard

“Monarch Moments,” Michael Godard

Exhibition curator Leigh R. Hendry notes, “There’s no grim or dim views of modern life in Godard’s fantasyland; no dark stark reality, no tears, no fears, no scary dramas… just genuine, wholehearted positivity at its purest.”

Godard joins the ranks of other Park West artists who have been invited to show at the Monthaven, including Autumn de Forest, Alexandre Renoir, and Tim Yanke. Most recently, the Monthaven hosted the dual exhibition “Picasso: Master in Clay” and “Marcel Mouly: From Clay to Canvas,” featuring the works of 20th-century greats, Pablo Picasso and Marcel Mouly.

“Michael Godard: The Secret Life of Olives” was organized by Carole Sorell Incorporated and sponsored by Park West Gallery and the Park West Foundation.

Michael Godard

Michael Godard


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  • James Beaumont

    May I see available prints by Godard please?

  • Joel

    I have two Godard paintings both The Man Cave and I truly love these. One is hanging in my virtual reality gaming business and the other will soon be at our second location at the mall. We have a foster organization come and bring the kids to play, we have done this a couple of times and would like to invite them more, we need a sponsor and would like to contact Michael to see if he could help us with sharing the Virtual experience to children that need a little hope and something to look forward to. We realize that he is super busy and does so much for many organizations and children as it is, which is so kind of him. Thank you for the Fabulous art that you make available and the amazing and varied great artists you promote.

  • Carlon McCloud

    He’s a very cool personable person, I enjoy his creativity!!

  • Melanie Tucker

    Is the promotional poster “The Secret Life of Olives” available? If so, how can I purchase it?

  • John G. Stirling

    I will always have wall space for another of Michael Godard’s paintings. Although I don’t have an original, of the 13 framed editions I currently display in my home, 8 are either “enhanced” or A/P.
    I still pause and smile every time I take a moment to enjoy his sense of humor…”weird” or “off the wall” is normal to me, to which I ask, “What is wrong with the rest of the world?”
    John G.Stirling

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