Escape from the Everyday with Park West’s New Summer Sale Collection: Over 70 Works!

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"Twilight in Paradise," Walfrido

“Twilight in Paradise,” Walfrido

Need a change of scenery? If you’ve been stuck inside too long this year, one way to combat your cabin fever is by living vicariously through a beautiful landscape or cityscape by a world-class artist.

That’s why, for Park West’s new Summer Sale Collection, we’ve assembled over 70 astonishing works that let you travel to the far reaches of the globe without ever leaving your home.

This new curated collection highlights evocative works—each one bringing a different location to life—from artists like Peter Max, Marko Mavrovich, Michael Godard, Daniel Wall, Walfrido, Thomas Kinkade, Jean-Claude Picot, Duaiv, Romero Britto, Matt Beyrer, Fanch Ledan, Alexander Chen, Victor Spahn, Alex Pauker, Pino, Marcus Glenn, and Chris DeRubeis.

You can view the entire “Escape the Everyday” collection HERE OR contact our gallery consultants at 1-800-521-9654 ext. 4 or

"A Corner of Havana," Daniel Wall

“A Corner of Havana,” Daniel Wall

“This is the best time to put an inspiring landscape or cityscape into your collection!” says Mike Snodgrass, Senior Sales Consultant for Park West. “With actual travel so restricted at the moment, it’s wonderful to have the option to collect a ‘vicarious vacation.’ And, with the incredible range of artistic styles, compositions, and price ranges available, this collection should have something for everyone.”

"Cruising on the Seine," Fanch Ledan

“Cruising on the Seine,” Fanch Ledan

These globetrotting works of art offer us each artist’s unique perspective on some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

You can find art that takes you from Bora Bora to Glacier Bay… from New York to Paris… from Brazil to Singapore… from Australia to the Northern Lights.

"Just You and Me," Marko Mavrovich

“Just You and Me,” Marko Mavrovich

You can travel with Peter Max’s lush brushstrokes and bold colors as you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Or revel in Britto’s Pop-inspired Cubist take on Hong Kong. Or walk down Alexander Chen’s hyper-realistic portrayal of San Francisco’s Hyde Street.

"Brooklyn Bridge I ver.I #421," Peter Max

“Brooklyn Bridge I ver.I #421,” Peter Max

It doesn’t matter if you prefer fantasy landscapes or paintings so detailed that you’d swear it was a photograph, our “Escape from the Everyday” collection allows you to bring some of the most breathtaking views from the planet into your home forever.

"Hyde Street," Alexander Chen

“Hyde Street,” Alexander Chen

“Many of our collectors are also avid travelers (who love to cruise!), so we have specially curated this selection of artwork to give them a great escape,” says Trista Maltby, Fine Art Consultant. “This collection may bring you memories of vacations from your past or perhaps visions of places you’ve always longed to visit. Whether it’s a historic city, a breathtaking scenic coastline, or a tranquil beach, our ‘Escape from the Everyday’ collection gives every wanderlust enthusiast someplace magical to visit.”

Don’t miss this chance to take the vacation of a lifetime with some of the most famous artists in the world! If you’re interested in a work from “Escape from the Everyday,” you can contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or

"Breezy Island Living," Matt Beyrer

“Breezy Island Living,” Matt Beyrer

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