Check Out What These 4 Talented Park West Artists Are Up To This Winter!

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We are always thrilled when we get the chance to sit down and catch up with our talented artists in person or on a video call, but what’s also exciting is popping into their lives through their own social media channels. Not only might we see what the artists and their families are up to in real time, but sometimes we can catch glimpses at in progress artwork that might someday be available at a Park West event!

Park West Senior Gallery Director Morris Shapiro catches up with Surrealist Kre8 at Park West Gallery

Now that we’ve firmly started 2022, we checked in with four of our most social saavy artists on Instagram to see what they are working on, where they’ve been, and—in the case of one talented Park West artist—what their super-secret weapon is for delving deeper into his art!



Kevin “Kre8” Vigil is not satisfied with simply elevating his art to new heights—he has a higher purpose for his art and his message. Kre8 often takes to Instagram to promote the vital truth that some people project their own insecurities onto you in an attempt to lower your ceiling for achievement and greatness. Kre8’s New Year’s message on his Instagram sets the table for a truly ambitious New Year’s resolution.

He says that he’s here “to show the underdog it’s possible to live your dream,” adding that whether you are a creative or not, you can “let the adversity teach you everything you need to know about people and their behavior. You have to have an impenetrable mindset. NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU, YOU CANT!”


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Ashton Howard

Like many of our artists, this modern master of tropical tranquility enjoys traveling to Park West’s fabulous art events and art auctions taking place on cruise ships around the world. After enjoying sold out Park West shows on land in Dana Point, Ashton Howard put a bow on 2021 on a Celebrity cruise ship, having a blast at a sold out Park West Gallery show on the Celebrity Reflection. The artist, along with his new fans and most ardent collectors, enjoyed gorgeous sunny days and perfect sailing conditions, as the elegant ship cruised through the Straights of Florida.

Howard makes a living from showcasing the light, color, and beauty of the ocean but on his Instagram, he remarked that, “Meeting so many unique people from all different walks of life all over the world is no doubt the best part of this gig,” adding that, “The laughs, stories, moments, and the human connections” matter the more than anything in a life well lived. Howard’s final shared thoughts of the year on his Instagram are as poignant as his artwork, boiling down the importance of humanity and togetherness when he says that, “Looking into each other’s eyes and listening, learning, understanding” is what everyone needs right now. That and freshwater mahi-mahi tacos!


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Marcus Glenn

One of the great things about social media is how it grants us the ability to see what the people we love, respect, and admire are up to from one day to the next. Maybe we see an artist happily mingling with collectors at a Park West event or maybe, like with the great Marcus Glenn, we get to see what new artworks are being sculpted, painted, constructed, and created weeks, months and maybe even years before they are available to be purchased.

The Detroit native tidied up a busy 2021 with a couple of Instagram posts showcasing multiple new works across multiple disciplines. First, we see an exciting new sculpture of a majestic lion with the words “visualize persistence” on the base, a monarch butterfly, old fashion pocket watch, and so much more incorporated into this bold new work. We cannot wait to discuss this lion with Marcus Glenn soon!

Second, but still within the same Instagram slideshow, there’s a new painting of a young child pointing upward, with questioning eyes. The solemnity of the child is set brilliantly against a flurry of color and motion, creating a complex juxtaposition that surely tells a story.

In another recent Instagram update, Marcus gets help from his wife Yolanda to delicately display a brand new sculpture series from “‘The Glenns Zoo’ that will be coming to a VIP near you!” In “Marcus the Artist paints His Buddy Jimmy” we see a vibrant, playful giraffe with striking black-and-white piano keys down its back, hunched over to get a glimpse of a miniature painting of a dog.

Finally, we love to see Park West Artists together, enjoying each other’s company just like Marcus Glenn and Stephen Fishwick did this past fall!


Proving that he’s every bit as playful and fun as his comic-inspired art work that is beloved by collectors around the world, Park West artist David (Lebo) Le Batard recently took to social media to show off his secret weapon for making impactful art presentations—his handsome schnauzer named Coco! The bearded pup was in Lebo’s arms during a recent Park West art event, much to the delight of the collectors in the room!


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