Mark Kostabi’s Work Appears in “Man and Woman: The Robbery of Europe”

  Park West artist, Mark Kostabi, is currently part of the “Man and Woman: The Robbery of Europe” exhibition on display at the Pärnu New Art Museum in Estonia. This exhibit showcases artists [...]

The Transformational Artwork of Christian Masot

Growing up, Christian Masot watched his dad paint all night, night after night, to unwind after long days at work. He often wondered to himself, “Why is Dad not painting for a living? Why is he [...]

Celebrating Senior Gallery Director Morris Shapiro’s 40th Anniversary at Park West Gallery

Some people can help you understand art, but others are best at guiding you toward appreciation. And then there’s Morris Shapiro. For 40 years, this man deftly does both of these things, [...]


Following nearly two weeks of public voting and hundreds of submissions, the final three artists in the first annual “Painted in New York” competition include: Lara Ivanovic, Ashley Luttrell, [...]

Onboard Auctioneer Spotlight: David Fussy

Park West recognizes that art collecting is a very personal experience. That’s why we have the best onboard art teams to cruisers with every step of the art collecting process! For June’s [...]

Upcoming Event: Ken Flanagan

Join us at the Park West Gallery Las Vegas to welcome home local fine artist Ken Flanagan on Friday, July 21, and Saturday, July 22!  Ken Flanagan is a self-taught painter currently residing in [...]

Special Exhibition Opening: “Peter Max: 50 Years of Cosmic Dreaming”

“Peter Max: 50 Years of Cosmic Dreaming” Opens at Park West Waikiki on Friday, April 7 A new exhibition of art by one of the world’s most famous living artists is coming to Oahu this April. The [...]

Upcoming Event: Melanie Stimmell

Join us at the Park West Fine Art Museum & Gallery to welcome Powerhouse Painter artist Melanie Stimmell to Waikiki on Friday, June 30 and Saturday, July 1! Melanie Stimmell will be making a [...]

Special Exhibition Opening: “Salvador Dalí – The Divine Comedy”

We’re giving you access to the biggest collection from the Master Surrealist Salvador Dalí! Over 100 works of “The Divine Comedy”! Salvador Dalí was, unquestionably, one of the most famous [...]

Upcoming Event: Ziggy O’Leary

Join us at the Park West Fine Art Museum & Gallery SoHo to welcome world-famous artist Ziggy O’Leary to Soho on Thursday, June 29, and Friday, June 30! This popular Las Vegas artist is [...]

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