Fame & Fortune: Mark Kostabi, Peter Max, and Paul Kostabi

Park West Gallery SoHo is hosting a Live Auction featuring icons Mark Kostabi, Paul Kostabi and Peter Max. The event will be conducted by John Block, certified auctioneer and Park West Executive [...]

Park West Gallery Presents EmpowHER

In honor of Women’s History Month, Park West Gallery SoHo spotlights the works of female artists in a live auction. NEW YORK, NEW YORK, March 19, 2024 – Park West Gallery SoHo is [...]

SoHo’s Got Seoul: A Window into the World of Korean Arts & Culture

From selling out stadiums in mere minutes to music videos being watched by billions on YouTube and across all of social media, K-Pop has become a dominant force in Western culture. While artists [...]

Park West Gallery SoHo brings back Salvador Dalí auction for NYFW

The event will also showcase designs by former Project Runway contestant Kristina K inspired by Dalí. NEW YORK, NEW YORK, February 7, 2024 – Park West Gallery, renowned for its commitment [...]

Park West Gallery Presents SoHo’s Got Seoul

Curated by Dr. Stephanie Seungmin Kim, this is the first of its kind comprehensive exhibition of artworks from Korean artists, K-Pop, and K-Drama stars in New York. NEW YORK, NEW YORK, January [...]

Upcoming Appearance: Sylvain Roberge

Québécois artist Sylvain Roberge, whose timeless and studied compositions pulse with energy and vitality, will be debuting a new collection of work at the Park West Gallery in Soho this Friday, [...]

Upcoming Event: Leslie Lew

Our team invites you to stop in and preview the Leslie Lew collection for this weekend’s exhibition! Artist Leslie Lew, whose graphic, colorful “sculpted oils” draw inspiration from the worlds of [...]

Park West Gallery Opens Jeff Vermeeren Exhibition in Soho Artist to Showcase “Extreme Abstract” Style

NEW YORK, NEW YORK August 25, 2023—Artist Jeff Vermeeren, innovator of the distinct “Extreme Abstract” style, is set to debut his captivating new body of work at the renowned Park West Gallery in [...]

Upcoming Event: Booboo Stewart

We’re proud to finally announce the exclusive NYC debut solo exhibition of actor, artist, and musician Booboo Stewart at Park West Gallery SoHo NYC! American actor, best known for his roles in [...]

Special Exhibition Opening: “Salvador Dalí – The Divine Comedy”

We’re giving you access to the biggest collection from the Master Surrealist Salvador Dalí! Over 100 works of “The Divine Comedy”! Salvador Dalí was, unquestionably, one of the most famous [...]

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