SoHo’s Got Seoul: A Window into the World of Korean Arts & Culture

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From selling out stadiums in mere minutes to music videos being watched by billions on YouTube and across all of social media, K-Pop has become a dominant force in Western culture. While artists like BTS and Black Pink rule today, many people say that 2012’s earworm “Gangnam Style” was the launch pad from which Korean art and culture took off in America, but K-Pop and K-Drama have become an even more significant part of everyday American life over the past five years.

It’s not just music and film that have benefited from an import from Seoul. Earlier this year, the art world in the U.S. became richer thanks to an exciting, unique exhibit at Park West’s fabulous SoHo Gallery in New York City..

In February 2024, Park West Gallery SoHo debuted SoHo’s Got Seoul, a first-of-its-kind exhibition showcasing a stunning collection of artwork by 5 Korean artists, K-Pop superstars, and K-Drama celebrities. The exhibit was curated by Dr. Stephanie Seunmgin Kim, a frequent collaborator of Korean artists and the person who has been responsible for introducing many emerging artists to global audiences, and dazzled so many visitors to the Gallery.

SoHo’s Got Seoul featured a compilation of visual art by Jae-Yong CHOI, KO Jun, Jian KWON (Solbi), Min-Woo LEE, Jun SHIM (Negativ), artists who are recognized for contributing to the rise of K-Pop specifically and popularizing Korean entertainment in general in the West. The thrilling exhibit at 411 West Broadway provided these talented artists with a platform for more intimate, personal expression as they invited fans to peer behind the curtain and discover the real individuals behind the public personas the world sees online and onstage.

Audiences were delighted to see a different side of the K-Pop performers who shine as visual artists. Their incredible art hung alongside world-famous works by Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, and so many more historical legends of the art world.

The exhibit was extended by two weeks due to demand, which led John Block, Executive Vice President at Park West Gallery, to point out that, in addition to the successful Booboo Stewart exhibit which debuted at Park West SoHo, “This celebration exemplified our goal of creating new and unparalleled experiences for art enthusiasts and buyers by not only introducing collectors to exceptional works but also to an artistic movement that surpasses cultural boundaries.”

Be sure to stop by the Park West Gallery SoHo the next time you’re visiting NYC!

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