Mark Kostabi’s Work Appears in “Man and Woman: The Robbery of Europe”

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Park West artist, Mark Kostabi, is currently part of the “Man and Woman: The Robbery of Europe” exhibition on display at the Pärnu New Art Museum in Estonia. This exhibit showcases artists from Greece, Poland, the United States, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, and Estonia.

The theme of this exhibit is a modern take on ancient Greek mythology, specifically the violent love story between Zeus and the Phoenician princess, Europa. Curator Mark Soosaar said, “It’s about Zeus, who has turned into a bull, being teased by Europa with a red shawl. There’s still a lot of allegory in these works, and I think this exhibition will make people think quite seriously.” The exhibition, “Man and Woman: The Robbery of Europe,” will be on display until September 10.


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