Watch Artist Nano Lopez Transform Clay into Unforgettable Bronze Sculptures

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When collectors first see a sculpture by Nano Lopez, they experience a range of emotions—wonder, awe, surprise.

The incredible depth and personality of his works draw viewers in until they are poring over every detail and asking “How does he do it?”

Park West was fortunate enough to visit Lopez’s studio recently and film the accomplished Colombian sculptor at work. This exclusive look inside Lopez’s creative process shows the exacting steps behind every sculpture he creates.

It all starts with an idea. Lopez is inspired by nature and the natural world. He’s most famous for his “Nanimals,” his bronze sculptures that bring a menagerie of eccentric animal characters to life.

"Bobby" (2017), Nano Lopez

“Bobby” (2017), Nano Lopez

Lopez tells us that “nature and anything alive” is “what I want to express my work.”

After sketching out his concepts, Lopez creates early test sculptures out of clay molded around wire armatures. Once he settles on a final design, Lopez sculpts a full-sized version and prepares it to be cast in bronze.

Lopez manipulates clay around a wire base for a new sculpture.

Lopez manipulates clay around a wire base for a new sculpture.

He uses a technique called the “lost wax” process, an ancient casting method that uses a clay base to create molds for metallic sculptures. You can see a more in-depth walkthrough of Lopez casting his “Nanimals” here:

Filled with joy and whimsy, Lopez’s sculptures definitely bring something extraordinary and extra-dimensional to the Park West family.

Following a special exhibition of his works, Lopez once remarked that displaying at Park West Gallery “is a pretty cool experience. I always say it completes the cycle of the artist doing the work in the studio. The personal interaction makes it, I think, very satisfying for both for the artist and the collector.”

Lopez works on one of his large-sized "Nanimals"

Lopez works on one of his large-sized “Nanimals”

Today, Lopez continues to craft new additions to his collection of “Nanimals,” arguing that his most important goal as an artist is to “express the amazing miracle of life.”

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