8 Breathtaking Works of Winter Art to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

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"Snowy New York" (2014), Daniel Wall, Park West Gallery Winter Art

“Snowy New York” (2014), Daniel Wall

Can you believe it’s already December? If you can’t and are struggling to get into the holiday spirit, we recommend spending some quality time with a few exceptional works of winter art.

So many Park West Gallery artists are experts at capturing those magical, ephemeral details that are so vital to the holiday mindset—the warm glow of a family gathering, a spark of light gleaming off an ornament, or the awe-inspiring stillness of freshly-fallen snow.




“Washington Square Park” by Alexander Chen

"Washington Square Park" (2015), Alexander Chen, Park West Gallery Winter Art

“Washington Square Park” (2015), Alexander Chen

This hand-embellished giclée by Alexander Chen reminds us that New York City can be absolutely magical during the holiday season.


“Love Hunter II” by Michael Cheval

"Love Hunter II" (2015), Michael Cheval, Park West Gallery Winter Art

“Love Hunter II” (2015), Michael Cheval

Cheval is a master of Absurdism and visual complexity—both of which are on display in this spectacularly snowy artwork on aluminum.


“Central Park” by Eric Dowdle

"Central Park" (2016), Eric Dowdle, Park West Gallery Winter Art

“Central Park” (2016), Eric Dowdle

Dowdle wonderfully taps into the holiday spirit with this winter art ode to ice-skating in New York’s Central Park—crisply captured on aluminum through dye sublimation.


“Holiday Gathering” by Thomas Kinkade

"Holiday Gathering" (1998), Thomas Kinkade, Park West Gallery Winter Art

“Holiday Gathering” (1998), Thomas Kinkade

Few artists can capture warmth, emotion, and light more beautifully than Thomas Kinkade. This gorgeous lithograph presents the kind of holiday gathering we dream about every December.


“Russia Red Sunset” by Anatole Krasnyansky

"Russia Red Sunset" (2016), Anatole Krasnyansky, Park West Gallery Winter Art

“Russia Red Sunset” (2016), Anatole Krasnyansky

Krasnyansky is a master at bringing out the unique textures of Russia through watercolors. Here, in this limited-edition work on aluminum, he draws out the electrifying colors of a wintery Russian sunset.


“L’Arbre et le Temps” by Bernard Louedin

"L'Arbre et le Temps" (2016), Bernard Loudein, Park West Gallery Art

“L’Arbre et le Temps” (2016), Bernard Loudein

The wintery whites, paired with the image of the hourglass, make this limited-edition work from Bernard Louedin remind us of the changing of the seasons, the shortening of the days, and our ongoing march towards another joyous New Year.


“Snowy New York” by Daniel Wall

"Snowy New York" (2014), Daniel Wall, Park West Gallery Winter Art

“Snowy New York” (2014), Daniel Wall

You can almost feel the chill in this hand-embellished giclée from Daniel Wall, as he celebrates the colorful visual majesty of taking a stroll through Manhattan in the winter.


“Central Park Winter” by Peter Max

"Central Park Winter" (2006), Peter Max

“Central Park Winter” (2006), Peter Max

Peter Max is one of the most iconic of all New York artists, so, in this serigraph, it’s amazing to see his take on winter in NYC’s famous Central Park.


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