How 6 Artists Portray Our Year-End Winter Holidays Through Art

Now that it’s November, we’ve officially entered “the holiday season,” so prepare yourself for weeks of songs, decorations, and extensive preparations. Our year-end holidays have made such an [...]


8 Breathtaking Works of Winter Art to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

Can you believe it’s already December? If you can’t and are struggling to get into the holiday spirit, we recommend spending some quality time with a few exceptional works of winter art. So many [...]


The Hidden Secrets of Thomas Kinkade’s ‘A Holiday Gathering’

It’s that time of year when families come together to celebrate the holidays—a tradition honored and warmly captured in the artwork of Thomas Kinkade. Although Kinkade himself was a practicing [...]


8 Thomas Kinkade Christmas Paintings That Perfectly Capture the Holiday Spirit

It’s hard to think of an artist more closely associated with Christmas than Thomas Kinkade. The holiday seems like the perfect subject matter for the “Painter of Light.” [...]


Celebrate Snow with Winter Artwork from Park West Gallery

Tis’ the season for cold weather and snow-covered grounds. While the bitter air and slushy roads make many people shudder, a pure white blanket of snow inspires many artists to pick up a [...]


Holiday Cruises Alongside Park West

Holidays are a special time of year to celebrate the many different traditions of every family. While some enjoy the busy bustle of heading to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, [...]


300 youth given happy holidays by the Park West Foundation

The holidays are a time for families to come together and celebrate with gifts and expressions of love. Unfortunately, many youth cannot share in this joy as easily as others. An estimated 13,000 [...]


6 Park West Artists Share Their Favorite Holiday Season Memories

The holidays are a time to come together with family and friends to create new memories—a time to get inspired for the coming year. With that in mind, we asked 6 Park West Gallery artists to [...]


Park West Gallery Holiday Sale 2012

Don't wait until the last minute to start holiday shopping for your family, friends and colleagues!


It’s a Norman Rockwell Kind of Holiday

It’s that time of year again when fluffy white flakes and yuletide carols fill the sights and sounds of suburban Michigan. And just down the street from Park West Gallery’s Southfield location [...]

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