Celebrate Snow with Winter Artwork from Park West Gallery

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Tis’ the season for cold weather and snow-covered grounds. While the bitter air and slushy roads make many people shudder, a pure white blanket of snow inspires many artists to pick up a brush. With its massive scope of artistic talent, Park West Gallery is home to numerous artists who have a unique take on winter artwork.

Even if the weather outside is frightful, enjoy delightful winter artwork from Park West Gallery artists:

“Full Speed”

Full Speed” (2015), Dominic Pangborn

As a dynamic artist, Dominic Pangborn‘s wintery interpretation takes a different approach to a classic snow-covered scene. Pangborn’s “Full Speed” brings a burst of color  contrasting with the snowy ground as the skier races down the mountain.

“Polar Bear”

Polar Bear walking across a snowy landscape

“Polar Bear,” Pat McManus

Wildlife artist Pat McManus captures a snowy scene of winter in his signature natural setting. As an avid outdoorsman, McManus’ winter artwork gives a look into the woods at the creatures who face the cold head on.

“It’s remarkable just how they can live outdoors,” McManus says. “I see the deer by my house and I can’t believe how they live in the wintertime.”



Winter” (1975), Erté

Perhaps the most fabulous take on winter comes from renowned fashion illustrator Erté. The Russian-born artist is credited as one of the founders the Art Deco movement—a style of art that embraced luxury and glamor. The woman in “Winter” embodies this motif as the subject’s red coat and fur scarf stand out from the black background and white snow.

“Park Avenue Winter”

“Park Avenue Winter” (2015), Alexander Chen

Hyper-realist artist Alexander Chen has a special relationship with the cold weather. The artist saw snow for the first time when he was in New York City at 40 years old. The white drifts inspired Chen to create a series of artwork featuring the Big Apple in the middle of winter.

“I like the feeling of winter,” Chen says. “I like the snow, I like the white, I like that kind of thing.”

“Holiday Gathering”

people walking up to a house in the middle of winter

“Holiday Gathering,” Thomas Kinkade

“A Holiday Gathering” is one of Thomas Kinkade‘s most beloved works. Although it’s a Christmas-themed artwork, Kinkade honors the tradition found throughout all cultures of celebrating comfort and joy with our loved ones.

“‘A Holiday Gathering’ is certainly near and dear to me, and I hope its portrayal of a congenial gathering of family and friends will be near and dear to you as well,” Kinkade once said.


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