Park West announces four museum exhibitions for 2016

The Park West Foundation has partnered with four museums around the U.S. to promote the joy of art, starting with Dallas’ Museum of Geometric and MADI Art to showcase world-renowned artist [...]

Albert Scaglione answers “what is art?” in the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post and Park West Gallery Founder and CEO Albert Scaglione examine how art, or even the shape of everyday objects like a door, can shape our lives. This begs the question: What is [...]

Romero Britto nominated by Coca-Cola to carry Olympic Torch in 2016

Romero Britto and Coca-Cola, two effervescent forces that aim to spread happiness, are partnering up to celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympics with special art and events. Earlier this year, Park [...]

The duality of Michael Godard

For Michael Godard, it’s all in the details. People tend to operate left brained (favoring logic, analysis and mathematics) or right brained (favoring creativity, intuition and arts). Godard, [...]

Autumn de Forest on Fox 5 New York for Turnaround Arts

Autumn de Forest encouraged her peers in New York to explore the arts with the Turnaround Arts program. Autumn, 14, has been painting since she was 5 years old, creating fun and whimsical artwork [...]

Park West Video Vault: Rare Interview with Op Art’s Victor Vasarely

In this exclusive two-part series, Albert Scaglione talks with Vasarely about his life and work.

Meet Park West’s newest Australian artists

When it comes to bringing the best to its collectors, Park West Gallery reviews artwork from all over the world and is proud to introduce some of its newest artists from Down Under. Read on to [...]

How to Choose the Right Framing for Your Art

A frame is meant to complement and showcase a work of art. It is the finishing touch that presents the art in the best light, and separates the art from the world for contemplation and [...]

Scientists discover “chemical fingerprint” of Picasso

Studies of early works by Pablo Picasso have provided new insight into the renowned artist and how he painted between 1895 and 1900. According to ArtNet News, Spanish chemical engineer Dr. José [...]

300 youth given happy holidays by the Park West Foundation

The holidays are a time for families to come together and celebrate with gifts and expressions of love. Unfortunately, many youth cannot share in this joy as easily as others. An estimated 13,000 [...]

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