Watch Artist Nano Lopez Transform Clay into Unforgettable Bronze Sculptures

When collectors first see a sculpture by Nano Lopez, they experience a range of emotions—wonder, awe, surprise. The incredible depth and personality of his works draw viewers in until they are [...]

Behind the Artist: Nano Lopez

Few contemporary artists have made more of an impact on the world of sculpture than Nano Lopez. His instantly recognizable “Nanimal” sculptures are collected around the globe, and he continues to [...]

Happy birthday to Nano Lopez

Happy birthday to Nano Lopez, who has come a long way since winning his first art contest at the age of 5. Born in Colombia on October 31, 1955, Park West Gallery is celebrating the [...]

A Gavel Falls…is the Pendulum of Art History Swinging Back?

A bronze sculpture by Swiss modern master Alberto Giacometti has fetched the highest price in art auction history.