Happy birthday to Nano Lopez

Happy birthday to Nano Lopez, who has come a long way since winning his first art contest at the age of 5. Born in Colombia on October 31, 1955, Park West Gallery is celebrating the [...]


Halloween Art Gallery Showcases Different Sides of the Holiday

Happy Halloween! Whether it’s the thrill of a good scare or the love of a fantasy world, everyone has a different reason to celebrate Halloween. Ranging from creepy to comical, here are [...]


2016 Park West Gallery Pumpkin Carving Contest

Painted pumpkins, ghoulish gourds and pumpkin spice – it must be Halloween at Park West Gallery! The staff at Park West Gallery in Southfield, Michigan put their creativity to the test with [...]


Michael Godard: More than Meets the Eye

With his edgy style and “Rockstar of the Art World” reputation, Michael Godard knows people might misinterpret his true personality. “People assume that with the tattoos and the [...]


Aleteia For Her magazine features Autumn de Forest

Described as “soulful” by the Aleteia For Her online magazine, Autumn de Forest continues to inspire those around her with her art and her heart. The article, “Soulful 14-year-old painter Autumn [...]


Picasso Ceramics at Park West Gallery

Although commonly recognized for his talents as a painter, Pablo Picasso also commanded an equally masterful hand in the art of ceramics. Picasso ceramics, also known as Picasso pottery and [...]


Michael Godard’s Romantic Paintings Say “Olive” You

From Sandro Boticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” to Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss,” romance has inspired artists for centuries. Contemporary artist Michael [...]


Yuval Wolfson’s Characters Come to Age

Characters make up the stuff of great stories, oftentimes personifying the poignancy and charisma of the human spirit. Whether in literature, cinema, or fine art, subject matter is commonly [...]


Michael Godard’s Olives Take on the Masters of Art

Many classic art enthusiasts would covet the chance witness the creation of the “Mona Lisa” or Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night.” Michael Godard takes collectors back to [...]


Fall Artwork from Park West Gallery Artists

As trees shift from dark greens to tints of red, people step back to enjoy the vibrant colors of fall. While most people appreciate the vivid hues of autumn in the moment, Park West Gallery is [...]

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