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As trees shift from dark greens to tints of red, people step back to enjoy the vibrant colors of fall.

While most people appreciate the vivid hues of autumn in the moment, Park West Gallery is home to artists who capture the essence of the season through their timeless works of art.

Slava Ilyayev

"My Red Heaven" (2016) Slava Ilyayev

My Red Heaven” (2016) Slava Ilyayev

Salva Ilyayev is an artist known for his depictions of fall, specifically his paintings portraying Central Park. Using a palette knife, Ilyayev creates texture by miming leaves with the stroke of his tools to construct a picturesque fall day.

Daniel Wall

"Autumn Lake" (2016) Daniel Wall

“Autumn Lake” (2016) Daniel Wall

Autumn’s intense spectrum of colors inspires many of Daniel Wall’s vibrant paintings. As an accomplished Impressionist, Wall is known for creating vivid scenes using bold color strokes. Like Ilyayev, Wall uses a palette knife to create palpable texture on the canvas. But, Wall says his painting methods go beyond the tools he uses. “I use different colors and different shaped trees to make my paintings colorful and beautiful to inspire people to appreciate the beauty of life,” he says. “I want the bright colors to inspire people to feel that every day is a good day.”

Simon Bull

"Falling Leaves Series I - III" (2007) Simon Bull

Falling Leaves Series I – III” (2007) Simon Bull

Simon Bull’s most popular paintings are of a single heart. So, instead of a rolling landscape, Bull’s depiction of fall takes the form of a single leaf. Bull’s unique approach to autumn mirrors his desire to revisit subject matter in a new light. “If I can touch a life… if through my painting I can show something previously unseen, if I can reveal something old in a new way, if I can enrich a soul on its journey into the eternal then my painting – my living – has not been in vain,” Bull says.

Nakisa Seika

"Autumn" (2013) Nakisa Seika

Autumn” (2013) Nakisa Seika

In “Autumn,” Nakisa Seika expresses the darker side of the season with a stark contrast between the bright colors of the leaves and the black sky. The mixed-medium work of art hangs on a hand-signed wood board and showcases Seika’s calligraphy background.

Autumn de Forest

"Vivid Autumn" (2015) Autumn De Forest

Vivid Autumn” (2015) Autumn De Forest

True to her name, Autumn de Forest embraces the colors of fall in “Vivid Autumn.” Just turning 15 years old this month, Autumn drew attention as a child art prodigy. Autumn’s images ranges from whimsical to thought-provoking, with the artist preferring to work on large-scale canvases.

To view more breathtaking art, stop by Park West Gallery in Southfield, Michigan and be sure to check out our Fall Sale Collection.

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  • R Reed

    Is it possible to purchase art while away from a cruise?

  • Elizabeth Montgomery

    Our painting/framed print, which we purchased on a recent Royal Caribbean cruise has arrived safely (to New Zealand)We are delighted with the framing, the speed of delivery (we have only been home for 3 weeks)and of course the fantastic “LEBO” print! It was a pleasure to deal with all Park West staff on this cruise who made purchase and shipping easy and efficient for us once again.(We have purchased framed paintings on two previous cruises) The quality of the works, the beautiful and very reasonably priced framing and the lectures and learning we attended on the cruise are all fantastic!Thank you Park West and staff.

  • Roger Lainé

    Thanks for our hand-embellished Ilyayev serigraph in its glowing frame, purchased on a cruise last month. It makes a stunning centrepiece to our main living room wall, with a Milkin each side of it. We also have 2 Ilyayev serigraphs purchased on a previous cruise. We are very pleased with all of them.

  • roy kern

    We recently received our Peter max sculpture and Slava Iyayev we purchased on a cruise and are extremely pleased and happy with our purchases and the service and communication!Thank you for a terrific experience!

  • lacyboyd

    hi can you tell me artist’s name, title of artwork, year created, medium/substrate, and size.

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