How Artist Slava Ilyayev Brings Modern-Day Impressionism to Life

Collectors around the world love the remarkably textured paintings of acclaimed artist Slava Ilyayev. While his style is uniquely his own, Ilyayev regularly cites Impressionists like Vincent van [...]

Patrick Guyton Tells His Fascinating Story on the ‘Behind the Artist’ Podcast

Every artist has a story to tell, and Patrick Guyton is no exception. This remarkable talent started out as the son of a commercial sign painter and eventually became one of the modern [...]

8 Tips for How to View Art Like an Expert

Is there a right or a wrong way on how to view art? Because, whether we admit it or not, we’ve all had that moment of uncertainty while viewing art—that feeling that we’re just not getting it. [...]

Exploring the Art of Charles Lee with Morris Shapiro

A Park West Gallery exclusive by Morris Shapiro.

In Memory of Charles Bragg (1931-2017)

By Morris Shapiro   Charles Bragg was one-in-a-million. I’ve never known anyone like him, nor is it likely that I ever will again. He was an amalgam of many parts: a supremely gifted visual [...]

Morris Shapiro teaches the importance of art to international scholarship students

As part of Park West’s continued commitment to bring the joy of art to everyone, Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro imparted his wisdom and passion for art to a group of international [...]

Park West Gallery Presents the New Anatole Krasnyansky Book to the Hermitage Museum

Gallery Director, Morris Shapiro, writes about this event, a "high point in his career."

September Thoughts: Reflecting on 9/11 and Public Art

Written by Morris Shapiro, exclusively for Park West Gallery.

Alfred Gockel: Intention and Discovery

Like a gifted musician, Alfred Gockel approaches his canvas.

Yaacov Agam—21st Century Genius

A Park West Gallery exclusive by Morris Shapiro.

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