British Museum bolsters Picasso collection with graphic works

Pablo Picasso is undoubtedly one of the most famous modern artists, and for good reason – he was masterful in nearly every medium, including graphic works. A story in The Guardian reports that [...]

UPDATE: Portuguese Government Keeps Joan Miro Paintings After Protests

A public outcry kept 85 paintings by renowned Spanish artist Joan Miró in Portugal after the government planned on selling them to foreign buyers to improve the country’s finances. UPDATE [...]

Morris Shapiro teaches the importance of art to international scholarship students

As part of Park West’s continued commitment to bring the joy of art to everyone, Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro imparted his wisdom and passion for art to a group of international [...]

Why Simon Bull claims art is dead

Colorist Simon Bull vivaciously infuses all of his paintings with life, joy and nostalgia, which makes it all the more curious as to why he has claimed “art is dead.” Such a shocking statement [...]

The art of Eric Dowdle: small histories, big stories

Let’s consider two likely opposites: modernity and folklore. The former is rooted in global industry, the latter in homespun tradition. To Park West Gallery’s newest artist Eric Dowdle, renowned [...]

Asia cruise market charges full steam ahead

Worried you may not have the chance to take a cruise in Asia? Fret not, the latest research shows the market is growing at a record pace. Park West Gallery is proud to be aboard luxury cruise [...]

Artist Michael Cheval Gives the Backstory Behind 4 of His Incredible Creations

Collectors love asking us about the hidden meanings and secrets behind artist Michael Cheval‘s intricate, enigmatic paintings. There are just so many layers and levels to his works that his [...]

The Creation of Craig Tracy’s Tiger Portrait, “Salvation”

What started as a project for charity quickly became one of Craig Tracy’s favorite and most challenging creations. The South China Tiger Foundation approached Tracy with creating a work of art to [...]

Stop and Smell the Roses with Simon Bull

Bright, vivid flowers have been a hallmark of Simon Bull’s art for the majority of his career. When asked why he enjoys the subject, his English charm can’t help but shine through. “Flowers have [...]

Discover the Latest in Fine Art: Digital Art on Metal

Park West Gallery artists love vivid new medium One of the most vibrant mediums in fine art has been embraced by Park West Gallery artists, giving art lovers a new dynamic to enhance their [...]

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