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Park West Gallery artists love vivid new medium

One of the most vibrant mediums in fine art has been embraced by Park West Gallery artists, giving art lovers a new dynamic to enhance their collections.

Digital art on metal is available through Park West in both large and small versions, and with more than a dozen artists exploring the medium, collectors are sure to enjoy the art as much as the artists enjoy creating it.

Guy Harvey Park West Gallery

Guy Harvey with one of his woks of art crated with dye sublimation

We have very cool science to thank for these stunning images. In December 2015, Park West Gallery announced the launch of artwork created through dye sublimation. This process converts images into a matrix the artist can digitally manipulate. Once the artist is satisfied, the image is essentially “baked” onto a surface using heat and pressure, with the ink changing from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid.

The inks are then permanently bonded to the surface on a molecular level. This vastly differs from other printing techniques that leave the image on the surface of the substrate.

In the case of Park West, the technique is used to create artwork on lightweight aluminum. The images are not only crisp and vibrant, but they are also more durable than those on the traditional canvas or paper. The metal art is resistant to scratches, moisture and heat, and is tested to last for 120 years before showing any signs of fading.

"Promise" (2016), Craig Tracy

“Promise” (2016), Craig Tracy

One of the most recent artists to join Park West is renowned bodypainter Craig Tracy, who takes photographs of his painted models and backgrounds to create stunning, colorful imagery.

“I love what metal offers the viewer of the work,” he says. “I love color, and so this process allows that color to be vivid, bold and pure.”

"Paris" (2016), Eric Dowdle

“Paris” (2016), Eric Dowdle

Eric Dowdle, artist and host of the American Public Television show “Painting the Town,” has chosen Park West to create limited editions of his works, and uses dye sublimation to truly capture the bright and fun nature of his folk art. This historic occasion also marks the first time Dowdle has published his art with a gallery.

“We’re taking art to the world here at this company (Park West), so to be a part of that is a great achievement,” he says.

"Spectators at the Tarkay Exhibition" (2016), Marcus Glenn

“Spectators at the Tarkay Exhibition” (2016), Marcus Glenn

Fans of Marcus Glenn will undoubtedly enjoy his art on metal. Glenn has brought his “Flat Life” style to the medium, and like his other works, has created texture with special embellishments, a feat normally considered impossible with metal art.

Other artists working with the medium include: Yuval Wolfson, David Najar, Anatole Krasnyansky, Tim Yanke, Bernard Louedin and Simon Bull.

Miniature Metals

Like their larger counterparts, miniature metals are the same great artwork created by the artists, but are smaller in size, making them ideal for those smaller wall spaces or filling those gaps between larger works.

"Expressing Emotions" (2016), Victor Spahn

“Expressing Emotions” (2016), Victor Spahn

Three artists have created miniature metal art in addition to the large-format metal art. Victor Spahn, known for his action-packed depictions of sailboat races, dancers and sports, is among them, and is delighted by the crisp imagery offered by the art on metal.

“Digital art on aluminum offers a superior dimension to the eye of the artist – a true artistic discovery,” Spahn says.

"Blessing" (2015), Michael Cheval

Blessing” (2015), Michael Cheval

Michael Cheval creates highly-detailed Absurdist art with oil paint on canvas, and was initially leery about digital art on metal. However, the artist was amazed by the final result, and now creates both large and small-format art on metal with Park West.

“It’s so great to see how it works with the light and the sharpness,” Cheval says. “If someone has it on the wall, and even if there is a very small ray of light in the room, the painting is just giving it back, it is unbelievable.”

"Mother's Touch" (2015), Guy Harvey

“Mother’s Touch” (2015), Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey has lauded art on metal for his ocean-themed works. The technique appeals to his scientific background, and his underwater imagery comes to life with its bright blue colors and crisp, accurate depictions of sea life.

“It’s almost like looking at a computer screen, the image pops out at you,” Harvey says. “The colors are bright, they’re kind of shiny, and they look alive and electric.”

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