Learn How Tim Yanke’s Amazing Art Imitates Life and Vice Versa: VIDEO

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Sometimes art imitates life, or is it life imitates art? My artworks can’t be described in simple words or expressions. My inspiration comes from deep emotions and life experiences.”

That’s how artist Tim Yanke describes the origins of his creative drive in this exclusive video profile from Park West Gallery.

Yanke is well known by art collectors for his bold experimentation with innovative art mediums. He paints in a variety of styles, ranging from Expressionist to Abstract. His graphic works often incorporate groundbreaking elements, including emerging formats like augmented reality or holographic lenticulars.

It’s hard to categorize Yanke’s art as just one type of expression, which is exactly what the artist is going for. Throughout the video, Yanke discusses some of his most popular themes and motifs.

Tim Yanke on the set of his new video

Tim Yanke on the set of his new video

Yanke loves playing with iconography, constructing unique new spins on familiar images. He paints dragonflies and the symbology of the American West alongside vibrant, music-inspired abstract canvases. Among his most sought-after creations are his “Yanke Doodles,” colorful, expressionist takes on the American flag that bring a warm and welcome new color palette to Old Glory.

Yanke is so devoted to innovation that he’s one of the few living artists who have had two museum exhibitions of his work that feature completely different art styles. In 2018, the prestigious Monthaven Arts Center in Tennessee hosted a show titled “Abstract Musings,” highlighting Yanke’s brash and energetic abstract paintings.

Art from the Tim Yanke exhibition "Abstract Musings"

Art from the Tim Yanke exhibition “Abstract Musings”

In 2022, Yanke returned to Monthaven with a new show—“Call of the American West”—which collected his trademark “Neo-West” paintings, all of which captured icons of Western culture in eye-popping colors and compositions.

Art from the Tim Yanke exhibition "Call of the American West"

Art from the Tim Yanke exhibition “Call of the American West”

His art truly never stops changing or evolving, a trait that speaks to his dynamic personality as well.

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