Park West Toulouse-Lautrec Lithograph on Display at London Museum

It’s hard to think of an artist more closely associated with the Parisian nightlife than Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. His iconic posters for the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris’ [...]

The Amazing Sculptures of Nano Lopez: From Clay to Bronze

Like most artists, Nano Lopez begins the creation of a new work of art with the stroke of a pencil. (You can see a look at his complete process in the video above.) Lopez begins the intensive [...]

Experience the Painted Worlds of Jim Warren

You don’t just view the art of Neo-Surrealist Jim Warren – you experience it. Warren conjures child-like wonder and amazement through his colorful portraits, adorable animals and surreal [...]

Michael Godard: More than Meets the Eye

With his edgy style and “Rockstar of the Art World” reputation, Michael Godard knows people might misinterpret his true personality. “People assume that with the tattoos and the [...]

View the “Sophisticated Simplicity” Patrick Guyton collection online

Ancient and modern techniques combine to create balance, harmony and peace in the artwork of Patrick Guyton and his exhibition, “Sophisticated Simplicity.” Park West Gallery is [...]

Park West Gallery unveils “Sophisticated Simplicity” featuring Patrick Guyton

Visitors to Park West Gallery will have the rare opportunity to obtain the artwork of California-based artist Patrick Guyton at its newest exhibition. Enter a world of peaceful, lustrous scenes [...]

Experience “Art and Serenity” with David Najar

Enter a world of tranquility, full of colorful fields, reflective rivers and swaying trees as Park West Gallery presents the artwork of international artist David Najar in his first solo [...]

Top 10 Park West Gallery moments of 2015

Park West Gallery had a busy year in 2015, and as we move into 2016, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite moments from the past year.   1. Thomas Kinkade art on canvas Park West [...]

Free Nano Lopez Exhibition catalog

Want to see what sculptures are available at the Park West Gallery Nano Lopez exhibition? Then check out or free catalog below. Park West Gallery’s June 2015 exhibit in Southfield, [...]

Art News – June 21, 2011

Interesting art world news and upcoming arts events.

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