Carnival Vista will set sail on May 1

With a gross tonnage of 133,500, Carnival Cruise Line is making waves with Carnival Vista, the line’s largest ship, when it enters service next month. Carnival Vista will make its maiden voyage [...]

Artists bring Van Gogh paintings to life in “Loving Vincent”

Vincent van Gogh left behind more than 2,000 paintings in his short and intriguing life, and what better way to honor that life than with a groundbreaking animated film using paintings? Van Gogh, [...]

Experience “Art and Serenity” with David Najar

Enter a world of tranquility, full of colorful fields, reflective rivers and swaying trees as Park West Gallery presents the artwork of international artist David Najar in his first solo [...]

Leslie Lew releases adult coloring book

  Park West Gallery artist Leslie Lew is encouraging others to put their own artistic spin on her art with the release of a coloring book. The 25-page book features images based on sculpted [...]

VIP collectors blown away by auction in aquarium

Park West Gallery’s reputation for giving its collectors unforgettable experiences was in full force the weekend of March 3-6 in Seattle. Collectors from Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, [...]

The Timeless Style of Linda Le Kinff

Examine the art of Linda Le Kinff – notice anything missing? Amidst the elegant clothing, colorful settings, and musical instruments, there are no signs of 20th-century technology in her artwork. [...]

Did you help break a world record for cruise guests?

If you were attending an art auction at sea with Park West Gallery around March 13, you may have helped set a new world record. According to the Fort Lauderdale Daily, Port Everglades, Florida [...]

David Najar Reflects on the Meaning of “Seasons Change”

As the seasons change, we are inevitably reminded of the passage of time and reflect on how we ourselves have changed. This is the invitation David Najar extends to viewers with works such as [...]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Green Park West Gallery Artwork

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, we have put together a small gallery of artwork from our talented Park West Gallery artists to showcase the endless ways the color green is used in [...]

Andrew Bone begins cheetah tracking project

Wildlife artist and conservationist Andrew Bone has reported that a donation from the Park West Foundation will help make strides in protecting the cheetah population in Africa. A recent donation [...]

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