David Najar Reflects on the Meaning of “Seasons Change”

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david najar park west gallery

Seasons Change” (2014), David Najar

As the seasons change, we are inevitably reminded of the passage of time and reflect on how we ourselves have changed. This is the invitation David Najar extends to viewers with works such as “Seasons Change.”

“Seasons Change,” and similar works such as “The Seasons,” vividly express the seasonal changes in one scene, using reflective water to depict how nature alters a tree and its foliage throughout spring, summer, fall and winter.

Najar says these works are among the first in his oeuvre that venture into the abstract, dancing the line between dream and reality. Najar says the idea originated when viewing a large tree outside of his studio. As Najar would paint, he noticed the tree changing throughout the four seasons. Through this observation, Najar saw a truth.

“It is not just the trees, we are all having seasons,” he says.

david najar park west gallery

The Seasons” (2012), David Najar

When taken literally, Najar’s observation is backed by science, which tells us that our very DNA changes with the seasons. As much as one-fifth of genes in our blood cells undergo seasonal changes, whether it’s building up our immune systems in the winter or helping retain water in the summer.

However, Najar invokes a deeper, more spiritual message: That a person’s mood, temperament and situations are in constant states of transformation. It speaks to one’s journey in seeking truth, wisdom and enlightenment, one that is fraught with difficulties, but also with tranquility.

“I am not religious or holy, but I am excited about this,” Najar says with a smile. “I am impressed by nature.”

david najar park west gallery

“Four Seasons” (2015), David Najar

In a way, Najar combines the scientific and spiritual through his use of water in the paintings. Najar views the element as indispensable, believing it to be as important to nature as blood is to humans. Water also symbolizes healing and cleansing, but can also be a destructive force. By depicting water, Najar not only demonstrates the importance of nature, but shows the endless possibilities that await each of us.

Najar is living proof of the ideas he portrays in works such as “Four Seasons.” Prior to becoming a professional artist, Najar was a prominent instructor of Krav Maga, a martial art used by the Israel Defense Forces. However, he didn’t let this pigeonhole him, and he pursued his passion for art, learning how to paint while working as a trainer.

“We are not just our jobs, we can be many things,” Najar says.

david najar park west gallery

“Mirrored Seasons” (2015), David Najar

While the painting is a reminder that time marches on and the seasons change, Najar’s ultimate goal through his art is to remind us to take some time to step back and absorb the harmony and beauty that surrounds us.

“Sometimes we do not appreciate our personal life, it is not good,” he says. “Nature is you, it’s me, it’s us, and my painting is an invitation to sit and breathe.”

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