Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Green Park West Gallery Artwork

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, we have put together a small gallery of artwork from our talented Park West Gallery artists to showcase the endless ways the color green is used in art.

Click on the images for a larger version, and view more details about the artwork with the links below the gallery.

  1. Just Hangin’ Around” (2014), Andrew Bone
  2. Warm Summer Day” (2012), Slava Brodinsky
  3. St. Patrick’s” (2013), Alexander Chen
  4. Target Heart – Sea” (2014), Autumn de Forest
  5. Brookside Hideaway” (1995), Thomas Kinkade
  6. Capriccio III” (2006), Anatole Krasnyansky
  7. The Elegance of Jackie III” (2007), Linda Le Kinff
  8. Midnight Inspiration” (2013), Charles Lee
  9. Better World Detail Ver. VIII” (2013), Peter Max
  10. Demure” (2000), Igor Medvedev
  11. Birch Tree” (2014), David Najar
  12. Garden Gate” (2005), Alex Pauker
  13. Verde Fiesta II” (2004), David Schluss
  14. Peaceful Nap” (2006), Itzchak Tarkay
  15. Inspector” (2011), Yuval Wolfson
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