ABC Detroit News Profiles Tim Yanke’s Astonishing Abstract Art at Park West Gallery

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Park West Gallery hosts incredible art experiences for our collectors on land and sea all over the world.

This weekend, acclaimed artist Tim Yanke will be one of the featured artists at a VIP event at Park West headquarters just outside of Detroit.

ABC WXYZ Detroit News invited Yanke onto their morning show today to give a preview of Yanke’s new art and talk to the artist about his extraordinary career.

One of the most significant contemporary artists working today, Yanke is well known for his bold experimentation with innovative art mediums. He paints in a variety of styles, ranging from Expressionist to Abstract. His graphic works often incorporate groundbreaking elements, including emerging formats like the sculptograph, augmented reality, or holographic lenticulars.

During the interview, Yanke told WXYZ Detroit News that it was encouragement from his friends and family that inspired him to become an artist.

Yanke said that his family always said, “‘Hey, you’ve got a great personality. You’ve got a great creativity. Your imagination is there.’ They encouraged me ever since a little boy, and I continued to draw and hone my skills … now, 40 years later, here I am, a global artist… it’s taken me around the world and onto cruise ships and now I’m part of the largest privately-owned art gallery in the world, Park West Gallery, which is right down the street here. So the hard work paid off.”

Tim Yanke at the opening of his exhibition "Abstract Musings" at the Monthaven Arts Center in Tennessee.

Tim Yanke at the opening of his exhibition “Abstract Musings” at the Monthaven Arts Center in Tennessee.

Yanke is a fan-favorite with Park West collectors, and he will be appearing in Detroit this weekend with two other internationally famous artists, Kre8 and David “Lebo” Le Batard.

You can find art by Yanke, Kre8, and Lebo every weekend on Park West’s live-streaming online art auctions. If you’re interested in attending, just fill out our online reservation form and an art concierge will get you schedule for an upcoming event:

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