Michael Milkin Paints the Seasons

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Artist Michael Milkin was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, a city he describes as full of history and culture. Initially, Milkin was a student of architecture, later an art teacher and today, an artist whose collectors span the globe. He says that the opportunity to work with Park West Gallery and display his art on cruise ships has allowed him to reach a diverse audience that he wouldn’t have met otherwise.

In his work, Milkin concentrates on still lifes and landscapes, painting in brightly colored acrylics and oils with thick, dramatic brushwork. He is influenced by painters Cézanne, Manet and Vasiliev, and inspired by the country of Israel.

In this video, Park West Gallery founder and CEO Albert Scaglione joins Michael Milkin in his studio to learn about his process and inspirations.  Scaglione mentions that Milkin is among the ranks of Park West artists who have come from or been deeply inspired by the country of Israel.

Milkin’s colorful, textured landscapes are available for collection at Park West Gallery’s online auctions. Register today! 

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  • Paige Riffle

    Loved a poppy field painting I saw of yours on a Holland America line. Love that you grew up in Kharkov. Danced with an amazing partner who grew up there too and he was adamant that your city was “the most beautiful in the world” I am very interested in your poppy field Lot # CP145 but wasn’t able to pay the price the cruise ship wanted. Are you open to other offers?

  • Christine Crivello

    I have fallon in love with your work, do you sell small painting on the trees. I love theses. I do love the bigger ones but out of my price line. Thank you so much Christine

  • михаил

    Как с Вами связаться за советом по поводу картин .Спасибо мой тел. в Израиле 0503199308

  • Ranjit Das - Melbourne Aus

    3 of your originals to date – 2 of the birch trees and 1 of the flower vase.. Thanks for making my day each day …

  • shirley P- C-Texas

    Your painting “Into the PInes “–just arrived and its beautiful–Thanks so much and its a pleasure to look at it everyday.

  • Ольга

    Михаил,купила в Челябинске картину с Вашей подписью “Две вазы”. Размер 76х61 2009 года. Как. О можно узнать что это точно Ваша картина?

  • Paul Carson & Dawn Munday

    Your painting, “Outside the Open Window” has finally arrived after weeks of waiting. It is a wonderful addition to our art collection. We love the brilliant colours, which brighten an otherwise dull Canadian winter.

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