Visual Art Triumphs at London’s 2012 Summer Olympics

An array of sculptures, murals and performances are peppering the city as part of this special event.

MIGreatArtist Online Voting Starts Today

Voting is now open for MIGreatArtist, the online arts competition!

Michael Milkin Paints the Seasons

Visit the artist's studio and watch him at work.

One Event, Four Fairs: The 53rd Annual Ann Arbor Art Fair

This year's 53rd Ann Arbor Art Fair consists of four independent award-winning art fairs.

The Art of Comic-Con 2012

Comic-Con allows people to connect with artists, actors and creators of content they love through interviews and panels.

Contemporary Artist Peter Nixon: Inspiration and Style

Peter Nixon's been inspired by many facets of life – from his early introduction to etching to his encounters with Venice and the movements of a classical dance troupe

Are You Michigan’s Next Great Artist?

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Park West Gallery CEO Albert Scaglione launched the MIGreatArtist online arts competition.

Yaacov Agam’s Kinetic Art Joins the Centre Pompidou Mobile

Yaacov Agam has been chosen as the only Israeli artist to be included in the Centre Pompidou Mobile, a traveling museum exhibition in France.