Art Collectors on Instagram Love Meeting Their Favorite Artists

If you love art, meeting an artist you admire can be just as powerful as viewing the art itself. At a recent Park West artist event in Asheville, North Carolina, many of the attendees could best [...]

10 Contemporary Artists on Their Creative Process

“How do you create a work of art?” That sounds like a straightforward question, but it has millions of potential answers. Every artist in the world has their own creative process when they [...]

Why the Artwork of Yuval Wolfson Is Never Truly Finished

In this dramatic video, Israeli artist Yuval Wolfson explains how he uses the internal life of his viewers to ensure that his artwork never stops evolving.

MIGreatArtist Contest Launches at Park West Gallery

The MIGreatArtist contest is open to artists who live, work, or go to school in the Economic Growth Alliance region of Michigan.

The “Fathers” of Art

In honor of this upcoming Father's Day, we've compiled a list of some of history's most distinguished "fathers" of art.

Park West Gallery Hosts Artists and Auctioneers Conference 2012

A group of Park West Gallery's international artists met with dozens of fresh and seasoned auctioneers at the gallery's location in Miami Lakes, Florida.

American Art Awards Selects Park West Gallery as 2012 Michigan Judge

Park West Gallery was chosen once again to represent the state of Michigan.

From the Streets of Paris: Nineteenth Century Lithographs, Nightlife and the Development of Modern Advertising

Many have heard of the Belle Époque, the innocently idealized period in Paris before World War I, but few realize how much really happened during this time.

TEDxDetroit 2011: Inspiring Creativity, Positive Ideas

Park West Gallery is grateful to have participated in this year's TEDxDetroit.

Park West Gallery Blog Wins 2011 CBS Detroit MVB Award

"The Official Blog of Park West Gallery" has been chosen as the People's Choice in CBS Detroit's Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011!