What Is Abstract Art? How Artists Make Something Out of Nothing

The kind of people who wander through museums proclaiming “I could’ve made that!” love to criticize abstract art. Perhaps that’s because it’s so hard to define. What is abstract art anyway? Is it [...]

Fashion, Books and Tunes: How Artists Seek Inspiration

In the mid-20th century, American art critic Clement Greenberg governed the standards of the art world with one audacious idea: Art should refer only to itself – not history, not culture, not [...]

Meet Michael Romero Duran: A Young Artist with a New Style

With only four years of painting experience and no formal training, 24-year-old Michael Romero Duran has accomplished more than many artists do in a lifetime. Romero is best known for creating [...]

Yuval Wolfson’s Characters Come to Age

Characters make up the stuff of great stories, oftentimes personifying the poignancy and charisma of the human spirit. Whether in literature, cinema, or fine art, subject matter is commonly [...]

Life Lessons Learned from Simon Bull

Life lessons can come from just about anywhere. For artists, it can be anything from a source of inspiration to an interaction with their collectors. The bright artwork of Simon Bull focuses on [...]

April showers, Pangborn flowers

As spring showers inspire flowers to grow, Park West Gallery asked Korean-born artist Dominic Pangborn to speak about the meaning and symbolism behind the flowers that bloom from his artwork. [...]

Park West Gallery remembers Le Ba Dang (1921-2015)

Park West Gallery artist and noted Vietnamese-French painter Le Ba Dang passed away in Paris on March 8, 2015, at the age of 94. Park West Gallery, which holds fine art auctions on cruise ships, [...]

An Artist’s Perpetual Quest for Inspiration

An update from Dominic Pangborn on his current projects and artistic explorations.