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DOMINIC PANGBORN is best described as an “Evolutionist” – an artist who believes art should reflect a current mood, expression and point in time. With that in mind, Park West Gallery recently requested an update from Pangborn about his current projects and artistic explorations. The artist also provided some fascinating insight into his creative process and shared some thoughts on being represented by Park West Gallery.

Dominic Pangborn. Embrace II. 2008. Park West Gallery.The creative process…

On his perpetual quest to discover and expand his horizons on life and art, artist Dominic Pangborn never stops creatively exploring new mediums, new techniques, and new ideals. He generates over 2,500 to 3,000 drawings per year, which serve as inspirations for his paintings. His paintings are diverse, ranging from non-representational abstracts to photo-realism.

His favorite style to work in is his own: personal figurative expressionism in multi-media. Working on wood panel vs. canvas allows him to carve and etch into the surface, add texture with unique proprietary materials, charcoal, acrylic, oil pastel crayon, inks and oil to name few.

Pangborn’s artwork captures his imagination and unending creativity, no matter what medium he chooses to work in. For him, it’s all about expressing his inner soul. As he says, “art of the mind and not just the eye on the surface.”

When Pangborn looks back at his drawings from the past, he revisits them with the same curiosity as other onlookers; he often wonders what he was thinking while he was creating them.

Activities and interests…

Pangborn is currently interested in creating life size sculptures in clay; these sculptures are fired and then cast in bronze. He creates relief sculptures of his abstract and figurative expressionism while continually creating two-dimensional works.

Pangborn’s artworks have recently become a part of many large, corporate collections and are often included in many of the companies’ community outreach programs.

Pangborn’s new necktie collection is currently being exhibited in New York; he has many other ideas in the works which will utilize his entrepreneurship skills.

Being the active person that he is, the artist travels the world with his wife Delia as much as he can. He is passionate about meeting new people on these travels; he enjoys meeting new collectors and sharing their stories.

Lately, the artist has taken a great interest in visiting lesser-known museums in the small cities he finds himself in.

The artist’s relationship with Park West Gallery…

Park West Gallery connects Dominic Pangborn together with the art collectors he normally would never get a chance to meet; this, he says, is his most cherished benefit of being represented by Park West.

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