Witness “The Artistic Evolution of Autumn De Forest” at the Monthaven Arts Center

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Often, when we encounter a major artist for the first time, they’ve already settled into the style that will define their career. However, in the case of art prodigy Autumn de Forest, the art community has had the unique opportunity to witness the young artist learn, grown, and evolve as her extraordinary career has progressed. Perhaps that’s what happens when you become a professional artist at the age of six.

Earlier this year, the now 19-year-old artist held a museum exhibition focused on her ongoing development as an artist at the prestigious Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center in Tennessee. The exhibition was appropriately titled “The Artistic Evolution of Autumn de Forest” and ran from May 8 to June 13, 2021.

You can watch a video tour of “The Artistic Evolution of Autumn de Forest” here.

The 50 works featured in the exhibition allowed patrons to follow Autumn’s various artistic explorations through the last ten years of her life.

“[This exhibition] presents a bird’s eye view of the young artist’s output during the past few years, with particular emphasis on the years of 2019 and 2020, the time of the global pandemic,” said Cheryl Strichik, Executive Director Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center.

The artwork in “The Artistic Evolution” brilliantly shows off the depth and maturity that has blossomed in the teenaged artist since her first show at Monthaven in 2017. Throughout her adolescence, Autumn has refined and honed her style. Her use of color has pivoted from Barbie-inspired hues to a full-spectrum palette, and her artwork exhibits an acute awareness of the world around her.

“Girl ver.1,” Autumn De Forest

One motif that has appeared in Autumn’s work over the past decade is a keen sense of visual social commentary. Her artwork makes it clear she is tuned into current events, but also apprehensive about the state of world affairs.

“Tolerance and acceptance can be altered through visual imagery and ideas,” Autumn has said. This school of thought guided Autumn as she produced a collection celebrating the accomplishments of women around the world in 2019 and a new collection with thematic ties to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“PPE Ballet (Degas),” Autumn De Forest

Ultimately, Autumn’s artwork communicates a message of hopefulness about the issues facing the world today. Given her determination to change the world through art, it only makes sense that she also dedicated the funds from this exhibition to the Monthaven Center’s arts outreach program.

“Monthaven represents a very precious commitment to the value of art and art education. Now, more than ever we must reassure creativity and the power it holds,” Autumn wrote in her artist’s statement for the exhibition.

“We are grateful for Autumn’s kindness, not to mention the unwavering support of Mitsie and Albert Scaglione of the Park West Foundation,” commented Strichik.

Autumn De Forest at Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center

If you’re interested in collecting artwork by Autumn de Forest, you can attend one of Park West’s online auction weekends or contact a sales associate at either sales@parkwestgallery.com or (866) 995-0904 ext. 4.

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