2021 Brought a Year of Riverboat Cruising for Park West

This year, Park West collectors have been rolling, rolling, rolling on the river. With the uncertainty and change that 2021 brought to many, it also brought opportunity, hope and innovation. [...]

Park West Auctioneer Spotlight: Morne Strauss and Kelly McLoughlin

Park West recognizes that art collecting is a very personal experience. That’s why we have the best onboard art teams to assist our collectors with every step of the collecting process! For this [...]

Park West Gallery Announces Top 10 Finalists for Inaugural Made in Vegas Art Competition

Hundreds of submissions were received for the inaugural art competition, with local artists competing for the chance to win a year-long contract with the world’s largest art dealer and the [...]

Top Ten Left-Handed Artists You Should Know

August 13 is International Lefthanders Day! Southpaws, celebrate your uniqueness along with the other 7-10% of the world’s left-handed population, including these 10 artists.

Park West Gallery Hawaii Announces Partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation

In honor of its recent opening, the Park West Fine Art Museum & Gallery in Honolulu has announced an official partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation of Hawaii with a $12,500 donation to help [...]

Witness “The Artistic Evolution of Autumn De Forest” at the Monthaven Arts Center

Often, when we encounter a major artist for the first time, they’ve already settled into the style that will define their career. However, in the case of art prodigy Autumn de Forest, the art [...]