2021 Brought a Year of Riverboat Cruising for Park West

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This year, Park West collectors have been rolling, rolling, rolling on the river. With the uncertainty and change that 2021 brought to many, it also brought opportunity, hope and innovation.

Through the leadership of Park West Gallery Founder and CEO Albert Scaglione, President Marc Scaglione and Executive Vice President John Block, the team quickly came up with a solution to bring cruising back to collectors by chartering four riverboat voyages in 2021.

The inaugural Park West riverboat cruise set sail on March 15th from New Orleans to Memphis on the American Duchess Riverboat. Artist David “Lebo” Le Batard was one of the surprise artists on the cruise, and also joined the second American Duchess cruise, which sailed from Memphis to New Orleans.

Lebo said, “Riverboats are truly a wonderful way to experience America. While cruise ships may be the Rolls-Royce of sea travel, riverboats are more of a comfortable bicycle ride through the world. On my two riverboat adventures with Park West, I was able to absorb the subtle charms and up close warmth of the south via the Mississippi. I can’t riverboat travel enough and am already looking forward to the next one. Hope to see you there!”

It is true, Park West artists can’t get enough of the riverboat experience! Scott Jacobs joined three out of the four riverboat cruises this year and said what he liked best about these riverboat cruises is that “Park West has the whole boat and everyone on it is a collector. So anyone I passed or talked to, you know they’re here to see you and your art and just enjoy the art collecting experience.”

Artist Scott Jacobs and John Block unveiling new Scott Jacobs artwork.

The third Park West chartered experience sailed in July on the American Empress Riverboat for a Pacific Northwest “wine cruise” from Vancouver, Washington to Clarkston, Washington.

Each cruise had regularly scheduled shows with amazing entertainment and musicians on board, excursions like local museum tours, fort tours, sightseeing, wine or bourbon tasting, and of course, art seminars and auctions!

Tim Yanke joined the final Park West riverboat voyage for 2021 on the American Queen Riverboat from Memphis to Louisville and was able to interact with collectors for several days on the Mississippi and have meaningful conversations about his work. He said “there is a certain uniqueness paddling the Mississippi while hanging with collectors and talking about art. The size of the paddle wheeler fosters a special connection with guests. It provides opportunities for more intimate dialogues you may not get on a 4,000 passenger cruise ship.”

Duaiv also joined the American Queen Riverboat voyage and boasted an incredible sellout show! “The riverboat setting is very intimate and everyone you get to talk to is a Park West collector. I am grateful I was there to experience collectors connecting so well with my paintings. My wife Magella and I also enjoyed the scenery riding along the river,” Duaiv said.

Duaiv on stage being introduced to a group of Park West collectors.

These four successful riverboat cruises provided more opportunity for Park West and our clients to explore new places and interact with artists of artwork they love to collect. Like our collectors and our artists, the Park West team is anticipating and excited for more riverboat cruises to be scheduled in 2022…stay tuned!

In addition to in-person events, Park West also hosts live-streaming online art auctions every weekend. To learn more about Park West’s online collecting events, visit https://www.parkwestgallery.com/online/.

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