Park West Gallery Artist Series Presents: Anatole Krasnyansky

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Bordering on the surreal, Anatole Krasnyansky’s figures never depart from the recognizable. Altogether new in form, they contain echoes of the artist’s Eastern heritage, the Cubist ideas of Picasso and Braque and the modernity and energy of American culture.

In the following video exclusive, Park West Gallery CEO Albert Scaglione talks to Krasnyansky about his background, influences, painting styles, the evolution of his two signature themes and what the artist hopes to convey through his artwork.

Artwork selections from the Park West Gallery/Krasnyansky Fine Art Collection are available for purchase through our gallery in Southfield, Michigan, and at our art auctions held on cruise ships throughout the world. Visit the Park West Gallery/Krasnyansky Fine Art Collection →

Watch more exclusive videos at the Park West Gallery YouTube Channel →

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