New Park West Artists Featured in Holiday Sale

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Park West Gallery is constantly seeking the greatest artistic talents throughout the world to bring collectors new artwork from highly sought-after contemporary artists. This past year, the gallery began working with renowned masters in their styles, from Absurdists to bodypainters.

Through the 2016 Holiday Sale, collectors can take home the latest fine art from some of the newer members of Park West’s artist family.


Michael Cheval

Michael Cheval Park West Gallery

Love Hunter II” (2015), Michael Cheval

Cheval is considered a master of Absurdist art. This fantastical genre portrays an inverted side of reality, juxtaposing the real with the imaginary in an approachable way to invite people to look at life differently.

The absurdist painter’s artwork earned him the “Best of Worldwide Oil Artists” recognition in 2009 by the “Best of Worldwide Artists” book series. The key to unlocking the messages behind Cheval’s artwork is the title. From there, looking for clues within the image can provide insight into Cheval’s messages.

Cheval’s reality-bending artwork is available through Park West Gallery as digital multiples on metal.


Eric Dowdle

London Eric Dowdle Park West Gallery

London” (2016), Eric Dowdle

With his talents for exploration, storytelling and painting, Dowdle creates modern-day folk art that captures the personality of cities and towns.

Dowdle’s contemporary folk art acts as a visual memoir of the interaction between people and place. His paintings capture the charm of nostalgia, the customs of local storytelling and the lineage of modern cities and their roots. Dowdle’s adventures are chronicled in his TV series “Painting the Town.”

Park West is honored to be the first gallery to present collectors with Dowdle’s inaugural limited editions as digital multiples on metal.


Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino

Bumper to Bumper in the Big Apple” (2016), Charles Fazzino

Fazzino became one of the most popular Pop artists with his three-dimensional, layered artwork. Though this fun and unique style, Fazzino encapsulates pop culture and reflects it back onto the viewer.

Fazzino has created artwork for 10 Major League Baseball All-Star Games, commemorated every Super Bowl since Super Bowl XXXV and created the official artwork for the 46th Annual Grammy Awards.

His artwork, “Bumper to Bumper in the Big Apple,” is a 3-D relief serigraph with mixed media embellishments, all done and assembled by hand. This limited edition artwork is available during the Holiday Sale.


Craig Tracy

Craig Tracy Park West Gallery

Monarch” (2016), Craig Tracy

Tracy is the world’s foremost bodypainter, having redefined the way people view the medium with his fine art bodypainting. His compositions are inspired by a specific body shape or pose combined with culture, nature and intellectual constructs.

Tracy serves as a judge and “Bodypainting Guru” on the GSN TV series “Skin Wars” since it began airing in 2014. He has also judged the U.S. body painting competition Living Art America and helped organize the New York Body Painting day.

Through carefully-staged photographs, Tracy captures a surreal moment that blends his bodypainting with hand-painted backdrops. Park West Gallery takes these photographs to a new level with the vibrant imagery of digital multiples on metal.


Jim Warren

Painted Horse Jim Warren Park West Gallery

Painted Horse” (2016), Jim Warren

Colorful, whimsical and surreal, Warren’s art transport the viewer to a dreamlike world. He combines the surrealism of Salvador Dali and the realism of Norman Rockwell to inspire others with detailed and idyllic settings.

Warren has worked in collaboration with Disney and has created album covers for Alice Cooper, Prince and Bob Seger. Warren’s cover for Seger’s “Against the Wind” won a Grammy Award for best album package. He has also painted portraits of The Beach Boys, John Stamos, Kelsey Grammar, Kristin Chenowith and Brooke Shields.

The Holiday Sale features Warren’s animal-themed artwork as limited-edition giclées on canvas.

For more information or to collect artwork from the Holiday Sale, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or

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