Upcoming Event: Jim Warren

Our team invites you to stop in and preview the Jim Warren collection for this weekend’s exhibition! Warren’s collaborations with Disney were released as fine art prints. Warren continues to [...]

See How Jim Warren Won a Grammy and Kicked Off a 50-Year Career in Fine Art

For over 50 years, Jim Warren has weaved together ethereal paintings that transport viewers to dreamlike worlds. He’s created album covers, book covers, and has even designed movie posters. [...]

Grammy-Winning Jim Warren Named the Official Artist of the 2022 Amelia Island Jazz Festival

Park West Gallery is a long-time sponsor of Florida’s Amelia Island Jazz Festival, one of the premiere annual jazz celebrations in the United States. The festival was co-founded by Les DeMerle—an [...]

Park West Collectors and Artists Love Showing Off Their Art on Instagram

It is fabulous to see our collectors sharing their most beloved Park West art and glamorous home galleries on social media! We understand the desire. Here at Park West, we regularly take to our [...]

Surrealist Jim Warren Weaves Together Dream Worlds in His Art

Artist Jim Warren weaves together ethereal paintings that transport the viewer to dreamlike worlds, where colors spring forth from ocean waves or an waterfall comes to life as a woman’s [...]

View the 2017 Summer Sale Collection Online

Looking for that special work of art to make your collection sizzle? Find it during Park West Gallery’s 2017 Summer Sale. The 440-piece Summer Sale contains new artwork and masterworks released [...]

Think You Know Jim Warren’s Art? Think Again

Artist Jim Warren is not afraid to challenge himself, whether experimenting with new styles or pushing the limits of Neo-Surrealism. From painting horses for an album cover for Bob Seger to [...]

Jim Warren Collection Now Online

More than 50 unique works by Neo-Surrealist artist Jim Warren are now available to view and collect from Park West Gallery. Warren’s first solo exhibition with Park West Gallery, “The Painted [...]

How Jim Warren’s Artistic Dream Led to a Grammy Award

Jim Warren is a Grammy Award-winning artist, but not in the traditional sense. Warren’s artwork for Bob Seger’s album “Against the Wind” earned the album the Grammy for Best Album Package in [...]

Look Behind the Scenes of Jim Warren’s Artistic Process

As a self-taught artist, Neo-Surrealist painter Jim Warren developed his own method to create his out-of-this-world art.  Take a behind-the-scenes look at how Warren brings his artwork to life. [...]

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