Exclusive Watercolor Paintings in 2016 Pino Collection

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Park West Gallery’s 2016 Pino Collection features an extensive selection of the skilled artist’s diverse portfolio. From Pino’s colorful illustrations to his expressive paintings, perhaps the most exciting facets of the collection are Pino’s unique watercolor paintings. Park West Gallery is offering the rare works of art for the first time since the artist’s death in 2010.

Pino’s evident skill and limited number of artworks make Park West Gallery’s watercolor paintings a must-have for any dedicated collector.

Original Pino Mixed Media Drawing: Untitled #13 (2009)

Original Pino Mixed Media Drawing: Untitled #13 (2009)

Impeccable Execution

Pino’s watercolors feature the artist’s most recognizable subject matter: women and children. With light strokes of paint, Pino’s watercolor paintings capture the same deep emotion as his well-known oil paintings.

“If you look at the watercolors of Pino, they’re perfect. They’re literally perfectly done,” Park West Gallery Director David Gorman says.

The lightly-colored paintings display the artist’s masterful execution with impeccable highlights and deep shades of color. As a notoriously “unforgiving” medium, watercolor is a difficult skill for even great artists to master.

“Many famous painters have attempted watercolor, though very few have mastered the medium,” Gorman says. “The very confident brushstrokes in Pino’s watercolors are something rarely seen and are proof of his mastery of watercolor.”

To capture the depth seen in his flawlessly crafted paintings, Pino paints around the paper, leaving the white background as highlights. Although this practice is common among watercolor artists, Pino’s perfect delivery makes the viewer take a second look.

“Very few artists have that capability,” Gorman says.

Extreme Rarity

Although he worked as a professional artist his entire adult life, Pino left behind very few works of art after his passing. Park West Gallery is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Pino’s estate, housing the largest collection of Pino artwork in the world.

Original Pino Mixed Media Drawing: Untitled #15 (2009)

Original Pino Mixed Media Drawing: Untitled #15 (2009)

Pino’s striking, hand-painted watercolors came to Park West Gallery directly from Pino’s studio. Because of the extremely limited number of paintings Pino left behind, the works of art in the 2016 Pino Collection are an extraordinary find for a Pino collector.

“The stars have to really align for you to be in a room where a Pino painting is available,” Gorman says.

To view the Pino 2016 Collection, find the collection online or stop by Park West Gallery in Southfield, Michigan.

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