New Exhibit Explores Picasso’s Passion for Horses

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MALAGA—Cubist portraits of women, musicians and war –  those are the images that typically come to mind when one envisions the artwork of Pablo Picasso. A new exhibit at the Museo Picasso Málaga explores another, perhaps less well-known, subject for which the artist was passionate. Picasso. Horses is currently on view through September 5, 2010.Pablo Picasso, Museo Picasso Malaga, Park West Gallery

From the museum press release:

The very first painting by Pablo Picasso that was ever conserved was painted in Malaga when he was just eight years old, and there is a horse in it. Ever since then, and right into his old age, the horse appears again and again in Picasso’s work. He depicted everything symbolic, noble, grotesque, human and mythological about the beast. Pack-animal, weapon of warfare, element of the bullfight, graceful circus acrobat, fighting stud, harmless wooden toy, winged Pegasus… The horse appears constantly in the work of Pablo Picasso, from the time he painted The Little Yellow Picador after attending a bullfight in Malaga’s La Malagueta bullring in 1889, right up to his latter years in the 1960s, in Mougins (France), where he died in 1973.

The Picasso. Horses exhibition brings together over fifty works: oil paintings, drawings and engravings are displayed alongside ceramics, a delicate paper cut-out silhouette, and a copy of the stage costume designed by the artist for the famous production Parade, by the Ballets Russes. The collection enables viewers to discover the symbolic importance of the horse in Picasso’s work, as well as the many meanings he gave to its figure and the wide range of techniques he employed.

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