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Art icon Mark Kostabi has always loved the spotlight. From his emergence in the 1980s New York art scene to his world-dominating career today, Kostabi has always known how to turn heads and keep people entertained.

Mark Kostabi sitting in his Rome studio

Mark Kostabi sitting in his Rome studio

He decided at an early age to become an artist because, when he created drawings, Kostabi said he “felt like my fingers had the power to control people’s eyes and minds.” You can learn this—and a lot more—about Kostabi in the new feature video from Park West Gallery.


In the video, thanks to some filmmaking magic, Kostabi actually sits down to interview himself, mirroring a print interview where Kostabi did the exact same thing during the 1980s. Together, the Kostabis discuss his early career and how those years shaped his now-famous artistic identity as a musician and artist.

Kostabi sits down with himself for a chat

Kostabi sits down with himself for a chat

Although he may have retired his platinum hair and media-provoking PR strategy, Kostabi still knows how to expertly play the game of succeeding in today’s art world—he even compares it to playing chess.

According to Kostabi, “I love chess because it’s creative and complex. To win at chess is very much like to win a life… For me as an artist, dealing with art dealers is a lot like chess. Everyone makes a move.”

Kostabi challenges Park West Executive Vice President John Block to a game of chess

Today, Kostabi finds artistic inspiration from music and the city of Rome—he currently splits his time between Rome and New York City. He remarks that “living in Rome is like living in an open-air museum.”

As a Park West artist, Kostabi works very closely with our auctioneers to bring his art to many of our most dedicated collectors around the globe. You’ll often find him performing for Park West VIPs at an auction or inviting a group of Kostabi fans to his New York home for a dinner party and impromptu concert!


If you are interested in collecting the art of Mark Kostabi, you can attend one of our weekly online auctions or contact our gallery consultants at (866) 603-4499 ext. 4 during business hours or sales@parkwestgallery.com.


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