Watch This OMG Cute Baby Art Collector Name Her Favorite Artists

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Young Penny LOVES art. While most babies her age are working on their colors and shapes, she’s learning the names of her favorite contemporary artists!

You will die of cuteness-overload when you watch this video of Penny adorably identifying the art of every Park West Gallery artist in her home.

Her parents, avid collectors Vincent and Whitney, deserve a lot of credit for their daughter’s remarkable interest in art.

Collectors, even babies, always remember their first LEBO!

Collectors, even babies, always remember their first LEBO!

“We realized very early on that we wanted to share our passion for art of all kinds with our children,” the couple told us. “When we had our daughter Penny, we were so happy we were able to provide her with the opportunity to live surrounded by so many different beautiful works. As she has grown so has our collection, and so has her love and appreciation of each piece. She loves to learn and say the names of not only the current works and artists we have, but also those that we acquire in the present and future.”

If you’re keeping score, the artists that Penny calls out on her trip around her house are:

(Penny seems particularly interested in getting more “Krasnyanskys!”)

Penny really knows how to appreciate a Chris DeRubeis!

Penny really knows how to appreciate a Chris DeRubeis!

“We have been very lucky to have had the chance to work with so many wonderful art enthusiasts from Park West,” Vincent and Whitney told us. “And we know that they have helped us start a collection for our whole family to enjoy!”

If you want to teach your kids about art—or decorate their rooms with a “LEBO!” or “Krasnyansky!”—talk to our gallery consultants at 1-800-521-9654, ext. 4, or



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  • Steven Lucks BCHC

    Dad is doing a great job reinforcing her skills.

  • Yvonne Williams

    That was beautiful, Penny naming the Artists. I’m amazed.

  • Kimberly McDevitt

    This was so fun to watch! Our son Sean got his first LeBo on a cruise ship. He has Autism and was drawn to a kitty that LeBo had done. I could not resist getting him his “Kitty.” Ever since then he goes to all of the art shows with us. It’s about time he gets his next piece of art.

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