Dominic Pangborn Shares the Stories Behind 7 of His Art in Motions

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Dominic Pangborn Park West Gallery

“Home Away Afar” (2018), Dominic Pangborn

There are multiple dimensions to consider when viewing the new three-dimensional art of Dominic Pangborn—literally.

Pangborn recently released a new collection of artwork from his signature Art in Motion series—art that appears to alter and shift as you move past it. The artist was gracious enough to tell us some behind-the-scenes stories about seven of his new Art in Motions, adding yet another colorful dimension to these already breathtaking works.

Dominic Pangborn

Dominic Pangborn

Now, we understand that the ‘wow’ factor of Pangborn’s Art in Motion series can’t truly be captured in still images, so—in addition to the stories—enjoy these video clips that let you see the mind-bending effects of Pangborn’s artwork.


Winter Games

“I was inspired to create this by the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea. I was honored to be the only artist outside of the host country who was invited to attend.”



“I created these images while immersed in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. I was asked to do an exhibition titled “Art for Humanity.” There was much international turmoil on the minds of people in regards to North Korea—issues like nuclear war. I felt that promoting peace was my way of calming down the situation. The centerpiece in this work was the poster for the event, and the others are variations on the theme.”



“Butterflies are an important symbolic image associated with my work. They represent transformation—bad to good, ugly to beauty, hatred to love. I believe in good.”


Home Away Afar

“This is a painting of my home where I grew up. It’s far distant, but in my memory it’s near. I can see through memories, abstract surroundings, and I can see the sunshine.”



“When I walk through my garden it can be a forest, a bed of flowers, or anything else. It is the art of pleasure, to enjoy what Mother Nature has provided. I love what it gives me—tranquility, inspiration and beauty.”



“I’m a patriot and an American. I love the United States of America. May God give us the strength to stay united. When I see us divided, I pray we stand united regardless of our separate views and opinions.”


Deep Dream

“I know it’s not a dream when I can smell, touch, hear, taste and see all that is around me. But dreams can take you beyond those senses. This is my world, a synergy of reality and dream.”


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