Dominic Pangborn Talks Art, Identity, and Knowing When ‘Less Is More’

Artist Dominic Pangborn is a singular talent. When asked to describe Pangborn’s unique career, here’s what Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro had to say: “Dominic Pangborn calls himself an [...]

Dominic Pangborn Shares the Stories Behind 7 of His Art in Motions

There are multiple dimensions to consider when viewing the new three-dimensional art of Dominic Pangborn—literally. Pangborn recently released a new collection of artwork from his signature Art [...]

Dominic Pangborn Selected to Honor Blessing of Father Solanus Casey

Art and religion have a long-standing history. Artist Dominic Pangborn will join that time-honored tradition by creating artwork of a beloved Detroit priest on his way to becoming a saint. [...]

Park West Gallery 2016 Fall Sale Collection now online

Artworks from dozens of renowned artists are available to collect at special prices with the Park West Gallery Fall Sale Collection. Celebrate the autumn season with the Fall Sale Collection, [...]

Dominic Pangborn brings Art in Motion to Washington, D.C.

Park West artist Dominic Pangborn brought his evolutionary style to Washington, D.C. in presenting one of his unique Art in Motion constructions to the White House Fellows. Pangborn attended [...]

Dominic Pangborn presents art to White House Fellows Oct. 22-24

Park West Gallery artist Dominic Pangborn has the distinct honor of creating the art for the 50th anniversary of the White House Fellows. Pangborn, a world-renowned artist based in Detroit, has [...]

Examining the Innovative Art in Motion of Dominic Pangborn

Dominic Pangborn is considered an evolutionist, continually seeking new ideas and ways to approach art. This is demonstrated perhaps most vividly through his Art in Motion (AIM). An Art in [...]

View Dominic Pangborn’s evolutionary art at “Detroit’s Finest”

Detroit artist Dominic Pangborn is opening the archives for his first solo exhibition at Park West Gallery. Park West Gallery will host the third of its “Detroit’s Finest” series July 26 to [...]